It’s been two years since the Dobbs decision reversed Roe v. Wade and the abortion landscape in the United States has changed forever.

The fateful words of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito have literally changed the course of human history:

The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion.

In the days following the announcement, nearly a dozen states moved to protect preborn human life.

And since that day two years ago, at least 30,000 babies have been saved from abortion.

The prayers of multiple generations of pro-life Americans were finally answered — Roe is no longer the law of the land.

But that, friends, was just the beginning of this epic redemption story.

We must remember that we are in this fight for the long game and the ultimate goal of making abortion unthinkable.

And each of us has a role to play in making that dream a reality.

Overturning Roe was the first and necessary step.

It’s opened the door to a more meaningful conversation about preborn human life in the womb.

What is the preborn baby if not human?

Can a person’s right to life be denied to them because of their location, age, ability or dependency?

What can we do to help abortion-minded women?

This next chapter for the pro-life movement requires action.

 If you are pro-life, what are you doing to move the needle for life in your community, your sphere of influence, or with your resources?

We can all do something.

Statistics demonstrate that what Americans say they believe about abortion and how they vote do not correlate.

Recent Gallup polling shows that 62 percent of Americans support some kind of restriction on abortion.

According to the poll, 70% of Americans say abortion in the third trimester should be illegal, and 55% think it should be prohibited in the second trimester.

And yet, in states where voters are being asked to vote on abortion amendments that allow for late-term abortion, voters are approving those measures.

The pro-life movement must find a way to bridge this gap between beliefs and voting patterns. It’s going to take advocacy, creativity and perseverance.

A study released by the Charlotte Lozier Institute shows that 60% of women who receive an abortion would have chosen life if they had the emotional and financial support they needed. It also revealed that almost 70% of the women who have had an abortion report that their abortion was coerced, unwanted or not consistent with their beliefs.

Abortion-minded women need the pro-life movement to help them.

Across America, over 2,700 pregnancy resource centers are on the front lines for life.

In 2022, pregnancy centers provided $358 million in resources to women and families experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Those services included housing, counseling, prenatal medical care, baby supplies, diapers, clothing, formula, parenting classes and adoption support.

Serving abortion-minded women is going to take volunteers, medical professional, resources, church efforts, prayer and so much more.

The pro-life movement needs you!

Let’s rally together and celebrate Roe’s fall while we work harder than ever before to see abortion become unthinkable in America.


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