Ohio voters overwhelming approved Issue 1 in Tuesday night’s election, bringing unlimited abortion on demand to the Buckeye State.

Issue 1, which establishes a constitutional right to abortion, was approved by Ohio voters 57% to 43%, with over 95% of the results reporting.

The measure legalizes abortion up until birth, ends common sense laws protecting women’s health during the abortion process, and removes parental notification requirements for minors seeking to obtain abortions. It will also likely permit minors to access transgender medical interventions without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

Supporters of Issue 1 gathered at an election night watch part in Columbus, Ohio, hosted by Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights. Abortion rights supporters cheered, applauded, and cried joyfully as they watched the election results come in; they were applauding unlimited, unrestricted, unregulated abortion on demand up until birth.

You can see photos of the event below.

Photo from Getty Images.

Photo from Getty Images.

Pro-life supporters will be analyzing the results of Tuesday’s election for a while seeking the best path forward. But several pro-life leaders provided their initial thoughts on the defeat.

In a statement following the election, Focus on the Family President Jim Daly called last night’s results “disappointing.”

“[The result] makes clear it’s essential that the critical work of the pro-life movement must carry on with renewed energy and enthusiasm,” Daly said, adding,

No popular vote and no politician can make right the tragic wrong of abortion. This campaign is unlike any other. It’s a rescue mission. We’re determined to rescue women from the lies of an industry that has managed to convince a slim majority of Americans that death is somehow better than life.

Ethic and Public Theology Professor Andrew T. Walker posted his thoughts on X, formerly known as Twitter:

Lila Rose, president of Live Action, posted a lengthy thread on X.

“The pro-life movement must adapt to win,” Rose said, adding,

We have to throw out the old playbook and dive headfirst into a strategy that can win the hearts and minds of the American people and translate into electoral victory. That strategy starts with fully embracing and educating on the truth.

While life lost on Tuesday in Ohio, all pro-life leaders – and the pro-life movement – share this common conviction: We will continue the fight to protect preborn life no matter the cost.

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