Canadian powerlifter April Hutchinson faces a two-year ban from the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) for protesting against biological males competing in women’s powerlifting.

Hutchinson tweeted out:

I now face a 2-year ban by the CPU for speaking publicly about the unfairness of biological males being allowed to taunt female competitors & loot their winnings. Apparently, I have failed in my gender-role duties as “supporting actress in the horror show that is my #sport right now.

Earlier this year, Hutchinson appeared on Talk TV’s Piers Morgan Uncensored to complain about a powerlifting victory by a transgender-identified man who goes by the name “Anne Andres.”

In August, Andres set a new Canadian national record in women’s powerlifting, with a combined squat, bench press and deadlift total of 597.5 kg. (1,317 pounds), beating the second place finisher by a whopping 210 kg. – 463 pounds.

Andres won that competition, which Outkick reported was his 10th victory of the year in women’s powerlifting.

Hutchinson called Andres “a biological male” and told Morgan:

It’s been very disheartening, that national record that he broke – athletes have been chasing that for years. It just goes to show the physical advantages that a male has over a female.

CPU’s Discipline Panel recommended the severe penalty because “there was sufficient evidence” Hutchinson committed “multiple violations of both the Code of Conduct and the Social Media Policy.”

In addition to taking wins and money from female athletes, Andres has mocked female powerlifters, posting an Instagram video where he asked, “Why is women’s bench so bad?” and saying a female lifter had “little T-Rex arms.”

The Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS), “a network and advocacy group comprised of current and former collegiate and professional women athletes and their families and supporters,” tweeted that Andres, “Recognizes no understanding of upper body strength differences between males and females.”

In an article published at the Daily Mail, Hutchinson called out this behavior and the unfairness of allowing a man to compete as a woman:

Andres transitioned nearly two-decades ago, which means that Andres experienced male puberty and enjoys all the physical advantages associated with it.

I know the dedication that it takes to become an elite athlete in this sport. It’s a full-time job that requires sacrificing time with family, dates with my boyfriend, forgoing alcohol and other indulgences to prioritize sleep, nutrition and extra time in the gym.

Is that deserving of ridicule?

Because of Hutchinson’s outspokenness in calling for women-only powerlifting, Andres filed a complaint with the CPU.

Hutchinson wrote that she’s had to hire legal counsel because of this:

When I spoke up about Andres and wrote the CPU, they ignored me. When I refused to shut up, the CPU threatened me with suspension from the Canadian National team. I’ve now obtained a lawyer to assist with my legal battle.

The ban won’t stop Hutchinson’s advocacy. She told the Mail:

Andres has been allowed to compete, take the podium in place of a biological woman and set national records that may never be broken.

Everyone knows this is unethical. But the federation has been too cowardly to do anything because the Canadian government protects “gender identity” from discrimination, alongside race, gender and sexual orientation.

As a result, the rights of biological women are trampled.

Hutchinson is working toward the day “when the CPU comes to its senses,” men are not allowed to compete in women’s powerlifting, and “the records of biological men” are “wiped away” from women’s sports.

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