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Sen. Tommy Tuberville (Ala.) stopped his almost nine-month hold on the Senate’s group military promotions today, several outlets reported, announcing he wouldn’t oppose promotions of three-star generals and lower-ranked officers.

His hold on four-star generals and admirals will reportedly continue, as Tuberville vocally supports vetting people controlling the U.S. military.

The Senate, which approves hundreds of military promotions every year, traditionally promotes officers in groups through a unanimous vote. Tuberville started objecting to the unanimous vote in March to protest the Department of Defense’s (DOD) abortion policy.

In February, the DOD started paying for soldiers’ time off and travel expenses so they — and their dependents — could travel to get abortions, which the policy calls “non-covered reproductive healthcare.”

Tuberville believes this policy violates the Hyde Amendment, which prevents the government from using taxes to fund or promote abortions. Though the DOD’s healthcare policy doesn’t directly fund abortions, it uses taxpayer’s money to facilitate them, which the senator argues is illegal.

Pressure for Tuberville to allow group military promotions increased this month following growing instability in the Middle East. Some fellow Republicans voiced concerns his stance weakened military readiness.

The senator’s opponents were prepared to vote on a resolution temporarily changing Senate rules to force the contested promotions through. Tuberville’s more moderate position makes this resolution unlikely to pass.

While the Tuberville’s actions have polarized some, all believers should pray for Republican representatives to find another way to oppose the DOD’s use of taxpayer money to pay for abortions.

The military should not be used as a vehicle to introduce pro-abortion legislation, and believers should never be forced to fund an abortion.