It’s a story ripe for the Babylon Bee or the Onion – only it’s not satire.

Emma D’Arcy is a 30-year-old British actress known for starring in several stage productions. But her most recent project is called “House of the Dragon” – a spinoff of “Game of Thrones.” In the HBO series she plays a character named Rhaenyra Targaryen.

Emma D’Arcy believes she is “non-binary” – an umbrella term in this instance meaning she believes she is neither male nor female. Never mind this is an impossibility. She reportedly uses the “they/them” pronouns.

But Great Britain’s Independent is out with a story about D’Arcy with a most curious headline:

“I really like playing women – and I’m really good at it.”

Only Emma D’Arcy is a woman.

Of course she likes playing women – and it’s not too surprising that she’s good at it. Whether she’s a good actress is a question left for the critics, but there should be no argument from anyone that a woman is good at playing a woman. Nor should anyone debate that a man is good at playing a man. You don’t have to “play” at being male or female.

One is left to wonder how long this torturing of language will continue. We’re all cheapened when serious language is used in silly ways. We confuse children when we present or describe things in ways that are simply untrue.

But this is more than a game of torturing language.

It’s a project in torturing the very meaning of humanity itself and the object reality of what it takes to be human and propagate humanity.

At the heart of sexual confusion is a longing for identity. Universal questions we’ve all had come to mind: “Who am I, really?” “Why am I here?” “What role should I play in this world?” “How can I best fit in?”

Our hearts break for those living in such a state as to either feel unqualified or incapable of embracing their God given sex.

As sinners saved by God’s grace, we pray for those who claim lies as truth. 

There is a better way.

Ms. D’Arcy is a woman created in God’s image and a person of inestimable worth. Perhaps she enjoys assuming female roles so much because that’s precisely who He created her to be.

Our argument and frustration is not with Ms. D’Arcy, but with a dangerously false belief of the age.

Perhaps our best hope is that time will bear out the truth. It almost always does.

“A little lie is like a little pregnancy,” wrote C.S. Lewis. “It doesn’t take long before everyone knows it.



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