This week, France became the first nation in the world to enshrine abortion as a right in its constitution.

On Monday, French lawmakers approved Article 34 of the French Constitution which states, “The law determines the conditions in which a woman has the guaranteed freedom to have recourse to an abortion.”

According to Reuters, MPs and senators “overwhelmingly backed the move, by 780 votes against 72, in a special joint vote of the two houses of parliament, under the gilded ceilings of Versailles Palace, just outside Paris.”

The reaction of French lawmakers and citizens alike to the development was as chilling as it was revealing: They cheered.

After the vote, nearly the entire body of the joint session of Parliament stood and gave a long standing ovation, CBS News reports. You can watch video of the French lawmaker’s reaction below:

Likewise, abortion activists gathered in central Paris and cheered and celebrated as the result was announced on a giant screen; the Eiffel Tower in the background displayed the message “MyBodyMyChoice.”

You can watch video of their celebration of abortion, below:

French President Emmanuel Macron said that the amendment to Article 34 would be inscribed in the French Constitution on Friday, March 8 – recognized as International Women’s Day. President Emmanuel Macron also posted about abortion on X.

He wrote:

The decision by the French parliament – supported by roughly 80% of French voters – to enshrine abortion into their Constitution is tragic and immoral.

It’s a well-established scientific fact that life begins at conception. Therefore, every abortion ends a human life.

For this reason, abortion is never something to applaud. It’s something to mourn.

Abortion is not something to cheer for. It’s something to cry over.

Abortion is not something to protect. It’s something to prevent and prohibit.

Each human being – no matter how small – deserves to be loved, cared for, and protected under the law, whether American law or French law.

Despite the French Parliament’s adoption of the amendment to Article 34, France is still far stricter in imposing limits upon abortion than the United States.

France prohibits abortions after 14 weeks gestation; many U.S. states permit abortion up until birth.

As citizens who have the facts on our side, we all have much work to do to convince our fellow citizens that life is worth protecting and defending. To that end, consider checking out author Randy Alcorn’s book Prolife Answers to Prochoice Arguments; you can also read Scott Klusendorf’s book The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture.

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