The news over the last few weeks has been grim when it comes to preborn babies in the womb.

Legislators in New York and Virginia have voted on some of the most extreme pro-abortion policies in the country, but their blatant disregard for life has galvanized many pro-life activists into action. Last week, President Donald Trump even announced in his State of the Union address that he would ask Congress to vote on a bill that would protect preborn babies who can feel pain (around 20 weeks) from the horrors of abortion.

It may be a good first step, but the fight isn’t over yet. New Mexico and Vermont are also considering laws that are more permissive about late-term abortions. There is no better time than now to stand for life.

And Focus on the Family is doing just that in 12 weeks. On Saturday May 4, Focus on the Family will be hosting an event – Alive from New York – in Times Square. During the event, a doctor will perform a live 4D ultrasound of a preborn baby, there will be a live musical performance and some great speakers. Hopefully, thousands will gather to celebrate the preciousness of life, and remind New York politicians that the fight for life will continue.

To help announce Alive from New York, Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, recently sat down with Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse (NE-R) about what’s been happening in the pro-life movement and Senator Sasse’s Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Here is an excerpt from their conversation:

“I’m one of eight people out of a hundred in the U.S. Senate who’s never been a politician before. And it feels like every politician around here finds a way to say, ‘The poorest and the weakest among us,’ about any piece of legislation. We, in this case, are literally talking about the poorest and weakest and the most vulnerable among us – the people who need protection.

“And you’ve got the governor of Virginia having this weird, kind of indifferent, anti-dignity debate: ‘Well, if the baby’s born, you could comfort her for a little bit and you could resuscitate her if the mom wanted to. And then a discussion could ensue between the physicians and the mom about what to do next.’ What he means is: debating whether or not you could have infanticide. Whether or not you could kill this baby after she’s born. It’s really abhorrent. And I guess the – there’s no good news in it. But the thing that we need to look to, to be encouraged and optimistic, is the American people have been repulsed by this.”

Senator Sasse recently tried to pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would protect babies born alive in botched abortions, through a unanimous consent procedure in reaction to New York and statements made by the Virginia governor. His measure didn’t pass, but other avenues are being explored.

In January, pro-life supporters gathered for the 46th annual March for Life. Focus on the Family was able to hear from Representative Jody Hice (GA-R). He shared his thoughts on life and conception.

“There is no doubt in my mind that life begins at conception,” Representative Hice said. “We’re living in a time where life is not protected. Life needs to be protected. Life is a gift from God and needs to be protected all the way through…It doesn’t take great theologians to determine when personhood, when life begins.”

There is no doubt that the fight for life will be difficult. That’s why an event like Alive in New York can make a powerful statement to pro-abortion activists that there will be no backing down when it comes to protecting babies inside and outside the womb.

If you’re a pro-life supporter and would like to make a stand for life on one of the world’s biggest stages, consider joining Focus on the Family on May 4th in Times Square.