The Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE) believes it’s “harmful” and “malicious” for Christians and counselors to believe that homosexual and “transgender” identities and behaviors are a sin and to help people struggling with these forms of sexual brokenness.

In its push to ban “hate and extremism,” GPAHE has started a campaign to push social media and big tech companies into silencing counselors, support groups, pastors and churches that offer hope and healing to those struggling with LGBT issues. They’ve already been successful in shutting down the YouTube account of one counseling group, Reintegrative Therapy Associates (RTA).

GPAHE wants big tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, YouTube and Instagram to block all information about leaving homosexuality and gender confusion. Some of these companies have already done this, but GPAHE is not satisfied and demands more.

If the organization has its way, parents could not find help for their 3-year-old son who rejects being a boy and thinks he’s a girl. A 16-year-old Christian girl, enmeshed in a lesbian relationship, would not be able to search the internet to discover helpful resources. And a married man with children, who is having dangerous, anonymous sexual encounters with men, could not find counseling to save his marriage and family.

GPAHE recently published two reports about counselors and Christian groups that use the internet to promote biblical sexuality and change from gender confusion and homosexuality.

The first is titled “Conversion Therapy Online: The Ecosystem.” GPAHE conducted global research and found that online help and resources for leaving homosexuality or transgenderism were often readily available.

The second report, “Conversion Therapy Online: The Players” describes Christian ministries and secular counseling organizations that offer support groups, healing prayer and therapy for individuals unhappy with LGBT identities, thoughts and behaviors.

The report lists Catholic and evangelical churches and “large American social conservative far-right organizations such as Alliance Defending Freedom, Focus on the Family, and the Family Research Council” as organizations that supposedly promote “disinformation” about LGBT issues.

“The Players” provides snapshot reviews of Christian groups like Desert Stream Ministries, Restored Hope Network, Courage, Sex Change Regret and Exodus Global Alliance.  It lists secular groups like the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity and the Reintegrative Therapy Association (RTA).

These – and other organizations, churches and pastors – have helped thousands of people around the world live free from homosexuality and transgenderism.

But no. GPAHE calls what they offer “disinformation” and promotes the totalitarian idea that all these groups must be silenced – and that Big Tech must lead the way in stifling free speech and religious liberty.

GPAHE is really the one promoting disinformation – as it repeats the canard that attempting to live in sexual wholeness “is dangerous and causes harm.” Dozens of studies and hundreds of testimonies show differently.

It also uses the term “conversion therapy,” coined by activists who oppose leaving homosexuality or transgenderism, which is so broad and vague a term that it is meaningless.

Shortly after Forbes published an article about the reports, YouTube deleted RTA’s account, which had videos of client testimonials, demonstrations of therapists working with clients and explanations of research about leaving homosexuality. The videos are still available on RTA’s website, but if GPAHE has its way, search engines would keep people from finding them.

YouTube even deleted videos showing healing from pornography addiction and childhood sexual abuse.

Joseph Nicolosi Jr., a licensed clinical psychologist and founder of RTA, told FOX Business that YouTube said its “Community Guidelines prohibit speech that promotes hatred or violence towards certain groups or individuals.”

Nicolosi said, “The Forbes article repeatedly mentioned Reintegrative Therapy and came out less than three days before our channel was banned,” adding that RTA does not promote or offer “conversion therapy.”

Like other counselors who help people struggling with LGBT issues, RTA’s work is not coercive or abusive – but respects clients’ autonomy and self-determination.

Nicolosi said, “But in Reintegrative Therapy, the client is in the driver’s seat. The professional therapist uses evidence-based treatment approaches to treat traumatic memories. Trauma resolution is the goal, but sexuality changes are often a secondary byproduct.”

He stated, “By silencing scientific evidence they don’t like, they effectively shape the public conversation about the science of sexuality and gender. In the name of ‘anti-bullying’ and ‘stopping medical misinformation,’ they themselves have become the real bullies, and in doing so, mislead the very people they say they’re trying to protect – individuals who struggle with trauma and their sexuality.”

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