What could go wrong? Last October, Rhinelander High School in Rhinelander, Wisconsin converted one of its bathrooms to “gender-neutral” in order to “create a safe and inclusive environment for everybody,” according to a school representative. It was intended to accommodate students who identify as either transgender or transitioning, but it could be used by anybody, male or female.

Predictably, the new bathroom created an unsafe environment. In late February, a male high school boy, Austin Sauer, was arrested for alleged acts of child enticement, fourth degree sexual assault and exposing genitals to a child. The sex of the victim was not disclosed, but also not hard to guess.

Sauer was “removed” from school and the bathroom has been closed. The school did not inform parents, it says, because it considers this to be an “isolated” incident. What does that even mean? Do you need two or more sexual assaults in the school for it to be newsworthy for parents?

The Family Research Council (FRC) posted an “issue brief” on its website in 2017 detailing 23 incidents around the country where sexual predators have taken advantage of gender-neutral bathroom and other facilities to assault or view or record images of women in a state of undress. The transgender movement has been consistently insincere since then in arguing that all is well, there is no threat to anyone because of the implementation of such policies, or that transgender teens themselves are more at risk of sexual assault if they do not have access to the bathrooms of their choice.

Since the FRC report, such arguments for the theoretical “advantages” of gender-neutral bathrooms, locker rooms and showers continue to be contradicted by the facts. Teen girls in schools and children in public places have suffered extreme anxiety and fright by encountering biological men in girls’ facilities.

And now an alleged assault in a high school bathroom in Wisconsin. How long will this politically correct farce last while it continues to put women and girls at risk?

Just to be clear, we’re not saying that people with gender dysphoria are the ones committing these criminal acts, although in some cases that might have been true. Primarily, we’re talking about giving male sexual predators an easy “in” to places where they can molest vulnerable women and girls in environments where the government entity could have and should have protected their privacy and safety.

How many more sex crimes have to be committed before reason and sanity once again prevail on this issue?


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