Amazon told Regnery Publishing that it would not accept advertisements for a new book by Abigail Shrier: Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters. The book explores the idea that the rapid increase in transgenderism among teen girls is a “social contagion” driven by social media, peers and gender treatment clinics.

She’s not the only one being silenced for not buying into the modern “gender ideology” that makes confusing and contradictory claims such as: “Gender” is a social construct – separate from biological reality, individuals can change from one sex to the other, and “gender identity” trumps being male or female.

Shrier is a journalist who writes for the Wall Street Journal about law and culture. In an article at the Journal, “Amazon Enforces ‘Trans’ Orthodoxy,” she took Amazon to task for rejecting advertising for her book:

“If you write a book celebrating troubled teenage girls suddenly coming out as “transgender” in friend groups, pursuing a regimen of cross-sex hormones and surgeries—Amazon will happily promote it. But if you write a book that points out the risks of this gender journey, Amazon wants nothing to do with you.”

In her research on the topic, Shrier found that until a few years ago, gender confusion in adolescent and teen girls was very rare: “In the nearly 100-year diagnostic history of “gender dysphoria”—severe discomfort in one’s biological sex—the disorder first appeared in early childhood (ages 2 to 4) and overwhelmingly afflicted boys.”

But in the last few years, there’s been an enormous surge in “teen girls with no history of childhood dysphoria.” Shrier writes, “From 2016-17, the number of gender surgeries on girls and women in the U.S. quadrupled, with biological females accounting for 70% of all gender surgeries.”

Shrier said the ads for the book consisted of a picture of the book’s cover, featuring the title and a drawing of a girl with a whole cut out of her middle. Amazon said the ad “contains elements that may not be appropriate for all audiences, which may include ad copy/book content that infers or claims to diagnose, treat, or question sexual orientation.”

The refusal to run ads for the book is the latest example where individuals have been shut down for disagreeing with transgender ideology. Here are just a few such incidents:

  • YouTube removed a video from the Heritage Foundation that featured Walt Heyer, a man who lived as a woman for eight years before “detransitioning,” more than 25 years ago. Heyer spoke at Heritage’s “Summit on Protecting Children from Sexualization” where he said that children aren’t born transgender. His statement, “This is a childhood development disorder,” was deemed a violation of YouTube’s hate speech policy. Heritage reposted the video with the offending words bleeped out, along with a new video, “YouTube Won’t Allow You to Hear These 6 Words From Former Transgender Identifying Person Walt Heyer.”
  • Facebook shut down the group 500 Mom Strong, a social media group for mothers opposed to “Drag Queen Story Hours” in libraries. Facebook maintained that the group was “transphobic” and violated community standards. Anna Hall Bohach, who started the group, said that fake pages, created by drag queen activists, regulary mock 500 Mom Strong, often with “anti-Christian and anti-woman rhetoric” and foul, offensive language. Facebook refused to remove those pages when Bohach protested.
  • YouTube pulled a video posted by The Daily Signal featuring Dr. Michelle Cretella, the executive director of the American College of Pediatricians. Dr. Cretella said, “Aaccording to most mainstream medical organizations, if you want to cut off a healthy arm or a healthy leg, you’re mentally ill, but if you want to cut off healthy breasts or a penis, you’re transgender.” Again, YouTube claimed the video violated its policy on hate speech. Facebook also removed the video for a short time but restored it after The Daily Signal appealed to the company. The organization says the video has over 70 million views on Facebook.

Shrier argues that Amazon “runs sponsored ads for a host of books promoting social and medical transition among adolescents.” The company also runs ads for transgender products, such as “chest-compression garments for girls,” which have serious medical risks. These books and products, she writes, “are, apparently, unobjectionable to the world’s largest retailer.”

Like Amazon with its “host of books,” Facebook and YouTube have thousands of pages and videos promoting transgender ideology. Researcher Lisa Littman, in a study on the huge increase in adolescent and young adult girls using drugs, hormones and surgery to live as the opposite sex, found that social media played an important role in moving those girls toward such mind-altering and body-disfiguring treatments.

Given the gravity of the medical issues for these young women, big tech and social media companies should be open to more information for parents and more discussion on the issues – not shutting down views they disagree with.


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