American Girl made headlines recently with the release of a new body image book that encourages girls as young as ten years old to embrace a transgender lifestyle if that better expresses their gender identity. 


The book includes an entire section titled “Gender Joy.” It explains the use of personal pronouns to match a person’s gender identity and even defines made-up words that only have meaning if embracing this false gender ideology, like “cisgender,” “transgender” and “nonbinary.” 


Girls are told that if they think they might be transgender, they should go to an affirming doctor to learn more about stopping puberty. 


Shockingly, the book goes as far as telling young girls to reach out to gender-affirming organizations listed in the book that can help if there’s not an adult they trust to talk about these issues.


The all-out assault on the innocence and femininity of our daughters is beyond disturbing—it’s downright abusive. 


Thankfully, mama bears all over this country roared back at the company’s intentional and toxic sexualization of their daughters. Hundreds of negative reviews of the book were logged on the company’s website. In fact, negative reviews have out-paced positive reviews two to one.


American Girl responded to the criticism by doubling down on the affirming material in its book. They even embraced circular logic by defending their gender-affirming policies with endorsements from, wait for it, gender-affirming doctors. Never mind the apparent conflict of interest. 


Our daughters deserve better. Full stop.


Is this culture really ok with telling a girl that dislikes her body that she should consider chemically, surgically and irreversibly maiming it to feel better? Shameful. 


Parents must protect their children from this false gender ideology that confuses, sexualizes and harms children. Children should learn that all people are created in the image of God—male or female. That is God’s design, and it is good. 


True confidence in one’s femininity is only found in valuing God’s very good design for what it means to be a woman.


Knowing that we are made in the image of God. Knowing that all of humankind is fearfully and wonderfully made male or female. Knowing that God’s design for what it means to be a woman is very, very good.


Parents, we cannot sit by and let the woke Left steal, kill, and destroy our daughters’ futures. We must stand up for our girls. 


We must teach them that true confidence in their bodies and feminine identities is found in embracing God’s perfect plan for humankind.


We have eternal value and worth not because of how we look or how we feel but because we are made in the image of God and God’s design is excellent. If we were born female, God has called us to embrace our femininity. It is God’s design, and it is good!


If a young girl in your life still plays with dolls, consider Girls of Faith dolls as an alternative to American Girl. These faith-based dolls teach lessons based on developing Godly character and encourage young girls to focus on spiritual growth.


Many things in this secular culture will challenge how our young girls and older girls see themselves. 


Parents, the very best thing we can do to protect our daughters from the dangers of false gender ideology is to model authentic acceptance of God’s perfect design for what it means to be female. 


As we model what it looks like to surrender our lives to God’s plans and God’s will, we will be equipped to walk alongside our daughters and encourage them to embrace that truth too. And Lord willing, our daughters will walk with confidence knowing exactly who God has called them to be—embracing God’s very best for their lives as women in all of their feminine greatness.


 Photo from Shutterstock.