Pro-abortion activists fight dirty, at least that’s what Dr. Kathi Aultman has experienced as a former abortionist turned pro-life advocate. She’s been called to testify numerous times about issues relating to life, including during the fight over the legality of partial-birth abortions. These activists don’t attack pro-life doctors over the merits of their testimony but attack them personally and professionally. 

Dr. Aultman’s story as an abortionist starts like so many others. As a young woman, she had an abortion before entering medical school. When she became a medical student, she started moonlighting as an abortionist. As she said, it was easier than doing an emergency room rotation since she knew what to expect with each patient. The process seemed easy, until it wasn’t. 

It was after the birth of her child that she finally made the connection  that preborn babies were fully alive human beings.

“It wasn’t until I had my baby that somehow, I made that baby-fetus connection,” Dr. Aultman said in a Focus on the Family Broadcast. “And suddenly the baby being unwanted was no longer enough justification for me to kill it. And that was the point where I realized I was killing human beings.”

After that, Dr. Aultman eventually went from being an abortionist to an expert witness testifying in defense of life. Over the years, she has testified to Congress at least three times, and was a passionate advocate against partial-birth abortions. But that change came with a price, though one that she is willing to pay.

“God’s been preparing me for (testifying) because that’s the next phase, once you get the bills passed somebody has to defend them,” Dr. Aultman said in an interview with The Daily Citizen. “But I always felt like they put me through the meat grinder in any of those legal cases because you have to be so careful what you say. They attack you personally to try and discredit you. I finally told God okay, and I’m just relying on Him to defend me.” 

In a case that Dr. Aultman was a part of years ago, she saw another pro-life doctor who testified suffer immense personal and professional attacks. 

“I’ve written a couple of affidavits and I was supposed to testify in one case and flew out there. In that case, the judge kept cutting their time back and they weren’t sure they could use me, but they wanted me there just in case. Sure enough, when I talked to the other physician who did testified, they didn’t challenge anything she said they just attacked her personally and professionally. That’s all they did.”

“It’s hard,” Dr. Aultman admitted. “If they can discredit you and your testimony then nothing you say is valid.”

But throughout this process, God has been giving Dr. Aultman courage to face these challenging circumstances.

“They were all horrible, but God revealed something to me during one of these testimonies,” Dr. Aultman said. “There were two things that I felt most embarrassed about as a Christian, one is that I’ve been divorced and the other was that I had an abortion and did abortions. As I was being cross examined by the prosecution in one case, God stopped time for me and He said to my heart, if you hadn’t done what you did, I couldn’t be using you now. And I guess that’s what I needed to hear to be able to continue on in that setting. But I thought, how gracious of God to take the time out to give me that assurance as I was literally in the fire.”

Dr. Aultman continues to provide her expert testimony as needed on pro-life issues throughout the country. But people like her who are willing to put their personal lives and careers on the line are few and far between. The country needs more brave doctors, especially former abortionists, that are ready and able to testify for life.


Photo from YouTube