Would young women be less likely to engage in sexual relations or abort their baby if they first saw colorful images of a child developing in the womb?

Lila Rose, founder of Live Action, thinks so – and the highly effective pro-life organization is working tirelessly to make it a reality.

“Baby Olivia” is a computer-generated preborn child starring in a stunning three-minute animated video that’s being made available to public schools. Despite how abortion radicals might qualify it, the piece is scientifically and factually based.

Viewers are treated to scenes of a growing child accompanied by commentary highlighting such milestones as the emergence of a detectable heartbeat (3 weeks), overall movement (5-6 weeks), the bringing of hands and legs together (7 ½ weeks), vocal detection (18 weeks), and the ability to respond to light and recognize their mother’s voice (27 weeks).

The dramatic and rapid development is punctuated by noting a preborn baby goes from just a single cell at conception to one billion cells only nine weeks later.

“We believe that one crucial step towards ending abortion in our country is saturating the online market with powerful and transformative pro-life content that counters pro-abortion lies and is proven to change minds and save lives,” Lila Rose said. “We work hard to reach young people to expose the abortion industry and reveal the beauty of new life from the moment of fertilization.”

In addition to the video being made available in schools, it’s been lighting up social media channels – despite aggressive efforts to suppress or outright ban it. Chinese owned TikTok refused to show it – but took $80,000 in advertising from Planned Parenthood.

Nevertheless, the beautiful film has been viewed over 30 million times.

Working towards the goal of public schools including facts about fetal development in curriculum, three states – Kentucky, West Virginia and Iowa – have “Baby Olivia” bills making their way through the legislature.

North Dakota has already passed one and requires the teaching of fetal development. The actual “Baby Olivia” video isn’t mandated – but showing that particular one or something equivalent is.

The pro-life community and it champions are wisely responding to the propaganda of abortion activists by countering and confronting the lies with cool, fact-based, irrefutable information. That hasn’t stopped accusations that the group is somehow trading in fiction – but a highly credentialed review team comprised of six professionals, including medical doctors, microbiologists, and other highly trained experts have all validated the accuracy of the video.

Opposition to featuring information about fetal development is especially curious given the otherwise obsessive fascination that so many have with early sexual education in public schools. Information is king – unless it debunks long held myths, such as a preborn baby simply being a clump of cells and tissue.

Of course, science continues to be on the side of pro-lifers, though while science can often lag behind the Bible – it seems to eventually catch up.

“Baby Olivia” bills hold great potential to change hearts and minds by simply exposing young people to the facts and images many abortion activists would prefer to hide and ignore.


Image Credit: Live Action