Researchers in China are subjecting rats to disturbing experiments where they attach the uterus of a female rat to a male, in the hopes of helping him carry a pup. Sadly, the process was reportedly successful. It’s a precursor to see if it would be possible to implant uteruses into men in the future.

Science experimentation and research is a necessary part of saving lives. For example, take studies into the effects of certain drugs when treating cancers or conditions like Alzheimer’s and diabetes. The patients who participate are, in some cases, risking their lives to see if new drugs will help others as they forego more common and standard treatments to see if something new and different will be more effective.

It’s a necessary risk that these patients and physicians take in order to try out treatments that might be more effective or to potentially even cure certain conditions that take the lives of Americans and other people across the world every day.

But what medical purpose does it serve to transfer a uterus to a man? It’s not treating a condition or a disease, but it is serving the LGBT and woke agenda that seeks to erase the differences between the sexes.

There is no better way to do that than to eliminate women from the birthing process altogether by allowing men, both gay and transgender as well, the opportunity to conceive and carry children.

Per a summary of the study: “Male pregnancy is a unique phenomenon in syngnathidae which refers to the incubation of embryos or fetuses by males. However, whether male mammalian animals have the potential to conceive and maintain pregnancy remains unclear. Here, we constructed a rat model of male pregnancy by a four-step strategy: a heterosexual parabiotic pair was firstly produced by surgically joining a castrated male rat and a female rat. Uterus transplantation (UTx) was then performed on the male parabiont 8 weeks later. After recovery, blastocyst-stage embryos were transplanted to the grafted uterus of male parabiont and the native uterus of female parabiont.

“Caesarean section was performed at embryonic day (ED) 21.5. The success rate of modeling was only 3.68%, but 10 pups could still be delivered from male parabionts and developed. Our experiment reveals the possibility of normal embryonic development in male mammalian animals, and it may have a profound impact on reproductive biology.”

According to Wesley Smith, a noted bioethicist, the pregnancy for the male rat was achieved by surgically attaching him to a female so the two could share blood. The embryos, created via the IVF process, were then transferred into the uterus that was attached to him.

Though these experiments are only in the initial stages and it’s unclear if it could be utilized on humans, the success of this first step no doubt is encouraging to the gay and transgender community.

Joseph Fletcher, who Smith describes as an “anything-goes utilitarian, sometimes called the ‘patriarch of bioethics,’ had written in the 1988 book The Ethics of Genetics about this potential advancement.

He wrote, “Transplant or replacement medicine foresees the day, after the automatic rejection of alien tissue is overcome, when a uterus can be implanted in a human male’s body—his abdomen has spaces—and gestation started by artificial fertilization and egg transfer. Hypogonadism could be used to stimulate milk from the man’s rudimentary breasts—men too have mammary glands. If surgery could not construct a cervical canal the delivery could be effected by a Caesarean section and the male or transsexualized mother could nurse his own baby.”

This experiment is both unnecessary and completely unethical, but that’s the direction science is moving. It’s not as much about finding cures to cancer, which is something my mom lives with every day, but about pushing the limits to the extreme, just to see what’s possible. The potential complications and problems are simply deemed inconsequential.

There’s a rather famous quote from Jurassic Park that fits well in this situation, “You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn’t stop to think if you should.”

These scientists in China should stop while they’re ahead and shutdown such crazy experiments.