Don’t like your political opponents? Give them the coronavirus. That’s the solution one Denver Democrat has given the party. It’s like in the Middle Ages when you didn’t like your neighbor or business rival and you reported them to the Inquisition as a potential witch to get rid of them, either temporarily or permanently (seriously, that did actually happen).

It’s petty, sad and, quite frankly, a disturbing reflection of the increasing divide between the two parties.

It all started when CdeBaca tweeted a post that was originally shared on Instagram or Facebook  that said, “For the record, if I do get the coronavirus, I’m attending every Make America Great Again (MAGA) rally I can.” CdeBaca replied saying, “Yaaaas!!” with a series of emojis also attached.

So, this councilwoman would risk the lives of potentially thousands of people in order to help eliminate some of her political competition?

There were a couple of World War II veterans at some of Donald Trump’s latest rallies, her proposed reckless actions would put these men, who are especially vulnerable to dying from the disease, at risk. Does their status as veterans of the Second World War mean nothing? What about all the children that would attend the event or the physically frail that might be more susceptible to the coronavirus?

The comment is inexcusable.

There’s nothing wrong with two different people disagreeing on any topic, especially politics. That’s just part of life. However, the maliciousness that has overflowed from the liberal and progressive wings of the Democrat party is frightening. Have we come to such an impasse where dialogue is so impossible that we must sicken or kill each other in order to have our philosophy come out victorious? Are we really now in the world of The Hunt, the political satire movie due for release next week, which has “liberals” hunting “conservatives” for sport? That isn’t democracy or freedom, but something more reminiscent of totalitarian regimes like in North Korea and the Soviet Union.

True freedom requires disagreement and conversation, and without that democracy dies. 

It also came out today that former Democrat National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile stated that current GOP Chairwoman should “go to hell” for her comments on a previous Fox News segment about the Democrat election process. In addition, she also said that the GOP Chairwoman should “stay the hell out” of the Democrat primary. It was a completely unprofessional exchange that once again demonstrates how political discourse has broken down.

The media consistently analyzes President Donald Trump and many of the Republican leaders on liberal leaning channels like CNN and MSNBC ad nauseum. To say that the GOP chairwoman is not allowed to have an opinion about the Democrat race is a ridiculous double standard, and Brazile’s outburst is reflective of a personal vendetta that had no place on live television.

Supporting a Republican or Democrat candidate should not result in death threats or coarse language from the other side nor should one side of the political divide be exempt from having an opinion about the process of the other party. As Americans, we should all agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion. If we don’t, then the totalitarian liberal media has removed all semblance of independent thought.


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