Buckle up, buckle up –

the Woke culture is just warming up!


From cancelling Hollywood stars

and conservative seminars.


Turning authors of books

into allegedly insensitive crooks.


And trying to make disasters

of innocent pastors.


History is being rewritten, washed right clean –

Scrubbed, rinsed and bleached with a bright, shiny, sheen.


They’re coming for all –

big, short and tall.


The air is tense and brisk –

Because everybody’s at risk!


But the left overreaches, they always, always do –

Like an ambulance chasing lawyer whose mantra is “Sue, sue, sue!”


Their latest target has been gone for almost 30 years –

But his words still somehow elicit strong fears.


His name was Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss –

A beloved rhyming writer whose words were sometimes obtuse.


But now the Loudoun County Schools say enough is enough, ‘nough, nough –

His words off fluff have been deemed as dangerous stuff!


Insensitive, they say, not right for today’s kids –

Time to ban his books, slow sales down to a skid.


Yet one wonders, do they know? Do they know his progressive past?

Dr. Seuss was no conservative – but rather an abortion supporting liberal en masse.


He was known to ridicule, target bullies and bigots –

But some of his poorly chosen words are causing calls to siphon his sales spigot.


Still – will the “Cancel Culture” ever end, will commonsense logic ever bend back?

Or will all our books we banned, and thrown into a big, big, big burning stack?


Will this be the tipping point, to cry “Uncle! Uncle” and just go too, too far?

After all, silly is silly and cancelling children’s books seems an unnecessary spar.


Oh, the tangled web we weave, when logic goes up in smoke –

But that is the crazy consequence of a culture that is woke!

Photo from Wikipedia