It’s a tried but true adage: elections have consequences, and for social conservatives, this has never been more evident than with the looming prospect of a Joe Biden presidency.

According to published reports, President-elect Joe Biden has selected California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to serve as Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Never mind that Mr. Becerra, an ideological lawyer with a lengthy record of hostilities towards the pro-life movement, has no medical training nor professional health credentials. 

As a former member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Biden’s pick has been a strong advocate for taxpayer-funded abortions, supported sex-selective abortions, and voted in favor of partial-birth abortion and against legislation criminalizing hurting a preborn baby while in the act of committing a crime.

As California’s attorney general, Mr. Becerra has specifically targeted investigative journalist David Daleiden, charging him with 15 felonies for his undercover work exposing the criminality of California’s abortion providers. As it was, he was continuing Vice-President-elect’s Kamala Harris’s prosecutorial efforts.

Mr. Daleiden is no criminal – he’s a courageous man who has sacrificed his own comforts to expose Planned Parenthood’s practice of allegedly selling aborted baby parts for medical research – and profit.  Daleiden’s work has highlighted the organization’s callous disregard for life.

Additionally, Xavier Becerra championed an unconstitutional California law that forced pro-life pregnancy resource centers to post information about where women could obtain abortions. It was the equivalent of mandating that McDonalds advertise for Chick-fil-A, only with profound life-and-death moral considerations at stake.  Thankfully, the Supreme Court struck the law down.

Ironically, the presumptive nominee for HHS has seemed to make the destruction of innocent life his own life’s obsession. 

I hope there’s a public outcry over this irresponsible pick sufficient to derail the nomination. And conservatives are rightly aggrieved by Mr. Biden’s choice of such a radical ideologue. At a time when the world’s attention is placed on the public health emergency surrounding COVID-19, there is a tragic irony at play that Mr. Becerra’s elevation to the head of HHS will lead to more pre-born deaths via abortion all over the world.

But in fairness to the President-elect, Mr. Biden is only doing what he promised he would do if elected.

While initially declaring himself pro-life at the beginning of his political career almost a half-century ago, Mr. Biden has since surrendered to the radical arm of the Democrat party. Over the years he has flipped from being pro-life to strongly supporting abortion rights. Pressed at a townhall meeting a month prior to the election, Joe Biden pledged to push legislation that would make Roe v. Wade “the law of the land.”

President-elect Biden is doing what he signaled during the campaign he would do. That is, to support abortion no matter the viability of the baby in the womb.  His pick to oversee that policy is the radical California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

Where does responsibility rest?  Mr. Biden, of course, but some also extends to every so-called pro-life “never Trumper” (some of whom are my friends) who voted for Mr. Biden on November 3rd.  This is what you voted for.

Last month’s election was razor-thin in several key battleground states, and I have no doubt these individuals cost President Trump key votes he could not afford to lose.

Between now and January 20th, Mr. Biden will continue making troublesome appointments, individuals who will dismantle the work that’s been done by the conservative cadre of pro-life, pro-family and pro-faith individuals who have been serving across government the last four years.

As I have stated on numerous occasions, Donald Trump has, from a policy perspective, easily been the most pro-life president of my lifetime. From reinstating the Mexico City policy banning taxpayer-funded abortions overseas to appointing pro-life judges, permitting states to defund Planned Parenthood of Title X family planning funds and being the first president to speak in person at the March for Life, to name a few highlights, his stalwart support for the most innocent has been peerless.

In America, to the victor goes the spoils – and in Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris, voters will be getting an administration extremely antagonistic to those who believe that every innocent life should be protected under law, especially the pre-born.

So, how could voters who oppose abortion support Joe Biden? 

The president’s sharp elbows, i.e., his tweeting and overall aggressive posture, are regularly cited by those who pulled the lever for Mr. Biden as key reasons for voting against Mr. Trump. I certainly understand there are people for whom those issues are of critical importance.  Some of his tweets, unvarnished statements and comments about women were beneath the office of the president.  However, for social conservatives, his policies were for the people, especially the most vulnerable – the pre-born.  

When voters cast their ballot for Mr. Biden, they were also voting for radicals like Xavier Becerra – an individual I fear many, even many “never Trumpers” – will come to realize is too barbaric for America.