The European Union parliament passed the “Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights” (SRHR) resolution Thursday, calling abortion a “fundamental human right” and demanding participating countries ensure the legalization of abortion on request in “early pregnancy and, when needed, beyond if the pregnant person’s health or life is in danger.”

The resolution, in its fervor to propel abortion forward, used a couple of phrases that you may have expected to come from a pro-life resolution.

It claimed that SRHR were “based on the rights of all individuals to have their bodily integrity, privacy and personal autonomy respected.”

Furthermore, the resolution claimed that “violations of SRHR constitute breaches of human rights, specifically the right to life, physical and mental integrity,” among other buzzwords meant to generate an emotional reaction (emphasis mine).

For a pro-life reader, the resolution was highly saturated in irony, and if it weren’t a sad reality, it could be mistaken for a Babylon Bee article, as the document misses the key point completely: Life is the foundational human right. Aborted infants are certainly being denied “bodily integrity, privacy and personal autonomy.” It is apparent that the resolution is not “based on the rights of all individuals.”

The resolution additionally calls on pro-life member states to “remove the right of conscientious objection from pro-life medical professionals,” according to reporting by Live Action. SRHR groundlessly claims that “the denial of abortion care on grounds of religion or conscience … endangers women’s lives and rights.”

Socialists & Democrats Member of the European Parliament (S&D MEP) Fred Matić, who introduced the resolution, mocked pro-life advocates, saying that he “hopes that one day they also will walk off the edge of their flat Earth.” Live Action answered this statement in a blog post.

“Just as science proves the Earth is round, it also undeniably proves that human embryos and fetuses are human beings. Their size, level of dependence or development, and location do not determine their worth or their right to life. No child deserves to suffer a violent death in the name of someone else’s perceived freedom. No human being on this round Earth has the right to kill another human being because they are seen as inconvenient or disabled.”

Of course, this resolution is another prime example from pro-abortion advocates of how they redefine personhood and simply declare what constitutes a human right.

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