Last summer it was mega-bestselling author J.K. Rowling who got herself in boiling water with the gender politics police when she simply questioned via twitter what’s wrong with calling “people who menstruate” what they actually are: women. Now another trailblazing feminist author Margaret Atwood is in the same hotspot for doing precisely the same thing. This week, she simply asked on twitter “Why can’t we say ‘woman’ anymore?”  and it all came crashing down on top of her.

Yesterday, Atwood was an absolute darling of the Left with her Handmaids Tale and the army of red frocked, white bonnet wearing protestors she launched across the land. Today she is being condemned across social media as a the most despicable kind of transphobe. USA TODAY  asserts Atwood’s simple tweet “sent shockwaves through the trans community” and “is simply one of many that threaten the group’s livelihood – serving as a dog whistle for anti-trans legislation and sentiment.” And all for simply asking why the word “woman” can no longer refer to what it actually is: an adult, biological female person. The times we live in.

Atwood’s 1985 novel, The Handmaids Tale, and its evocative imagery, was heavily used to by abortion activists as a fear tactic to warn that the present Supreme Court would try to control women. But Atwood is simply pointing out that misappropriating the word “women” to mean anything and referring to mothers in the present Administration’s 2022 Federal budget as “birthing people” is really about as Handmaids Tale as it gets.

But this is precisely what trans politics is doing to public life. The woman who wrote the very novel that has been a major banner used by the Left for women’s rights over the last few years is no longer woke enough simply because she insists on using the word “woman” as a biological fact. How the tide is turning on the very darlings of the Left?

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