It’s the first Fourth of July since Roe v. Wade was rightly overturned, constitutional order has been restored, and justice has finally been served for the more than 63 million babies who have lost their lives to the tragedy of abortion in the last 49 years. This Independence Day, I am moved with even more gratitude for this wonderful country that I am blessed to call home because I am reminded again of America’s exceptionalism.

America is the only country in the world that was founded on an idea – virtuous freedom. Freedom to do the right thing. It’s what sets her apart and makes her a beacon of light. It’s what makes her exceptional among all nations. She hasn’t always gotten it right, but when she gets it wrong, she adjusts course and continues to be, as Lincoln put it, “the last best hope on earth.”

Since 1973, America has gotten it wrong on abortion. Just like she got it wrong on slavery until she corrected course and finally got it right.

I was born just nine years after Roe became the law of the land. My generation was the first to be sacrificed on the altar of abortion.

I remember being a young teenager and thinking how lucky I was that my mom chose life for me. You see, my mother and I were the abortion industry’s target population. She was unwed, on her own, low income, in a hopeless situation and already had the responsibility of other children. I was inconvenient. It would have been easier for her to get an abortion. Thankfully, she didn’t.

In the last 49 years, though, too many women have listened to the abortion industry’s voice of despair and fear. In desperate situations, the abortion industry has whispered lies into their ears, convincing them that death was the best option for their baby.

For too long, the culture of death has had its way with this country and her people.

But not now. Not any longer.

Now, it’s time for life to thrive in America!

It’s time for women to feel empowered to say yes to life for their preborn babies.

It’s time for Americans to embrace our heritage of virtuous freedom and boldly declare:

Yes, abortion is a moral wrong because life is a human right.

Yes, we will do something to help moms and save babies from the tragedy of abortion.

And no, we will not be ashamed to defend life because protecting innocent human life is always the right thing to do!

Thankfully, since Roe was overturned, 12 states now have legally enforceable laws banning abortion and protecting life in the womb. These pro-life measures will save thousands and thousands of babies and mothers from the tragedy of abortion. As many as 26 states are expected to move to protect life under state law in the coming months.

Make no mistake, the battle for the moral conscience of this nation wages on – perhaps stronger than ever before.

But finally, with constitutional order restored and legislative power rightly returned to the people and their elected representatives, there is renewed hope.

Hope that America can correct course.

Hope that America can redeem herself.

Hope that America will act with virtuous freedom and protect preborn human life.

America has a second chance to get this right. And Lord willing, she will!

Happy Independence Day, and God Bless America!


Photo from Shutterstock.