When it comes to second- and third-trimester abortions, Dr. Warren Hern of Boulder, CO is considered one of the world’s leading experts. Having worked as an abortionist for more than 40 years, Hern has vigorously defended the practice of abortion at any stage of pregnancy, regardless of the viability of the child. He does this in part because he believes that abortion is safer and better for women than pregnancy. 

Sounds almost far-fetched, but it’s true. Titled, “Pregnancy Kills. Abortion Saves Lives,” Hern argues that a woman who remains pregnant is at greater risk of death than a woman who has an abortion. Of course, abortion is always fatal for the preborn baby, but that doesn’t seem to concern Hern much.

Over the decades, Hern has developed a disdain for human life in all forms. In a research paper written in the 1980s, Hern talks about how humanity is essentially a cancer on the earth. It’s safe to assume that based on Hern’s life work, abortion is the cure. 

“Every woman who is pregnant is at risk of dying from pregnancy,” Hern said in an interview with the Daily Camera. “What is the justification for making a woman carry the pregnancy to term if she doesn’t want to be pregnant? There is none.”

If all the world thought like Hern does, the human race would cease to exist. While there are inherent dangers with pregnancy, where would civilization be without mothers who make the sacrificial decision to have children? How can Hern dismiss the purpose of bringing life into this world? It’s unknown where his initial disdain for life came from, but it is likely that the decades he’s spent aborting babies has, in many ways, affected and twisted his soul.

When talking about murdered abortionist George Tiller, another late-term abortionist and professional friend, Hern shared his rage towards the murderer and pro-life activists in general. 

“You see why I hate these people? I hate them,” Hern said in an interview. Then under his breath he muttered, “I hate them. I hate them.”

While it is completely understandable that Hern would harbor some negative feelings against the man who shot his friend, the rest is a little startling. While a small minority of pro-life activists have acted inappropriately, the vast majority are peaceful and just want to reach out to women who are struggling. But Hern doesn’t see the distinction. 

“Their purpose is not to express opinion,” Hern said. “We know what they think. This is about harassment and intimidation, not free speech…The mere presence of the anti-abortion demonstrators is threatening to my patients and to us.” 

That might seem true to Hern, but that isn’t what’s really happening. The threat isn’t with the protestors, the real danger is with Hern inside the clinic. 

The 40 years that Hern has worked in the abortion industry have taken their toll. Although Hern may have developed many of the abortion procedures used today, his ability to perform them himself is increasingly in question. 

In 2015, a couple sued Hern over a botched abortion procedure that left a portion of the preborn baby’s skull inside the mother, which damaged her uterus so severely she needed a hysterectomy. As a result, the woman can no longer have children. 

There was also a recent incident in April of this year where an ambulance was called to the clinic so that the patient could be taken to the emergency room. Hern remains the only physician at his clinic, so there is no one else who can oversee the care of the patients. 

When it comes to abortion, Hern might consider himself the expert but his work has had a definite impact on his view of humanity. No longer does he see the beauty in life, but instead sees humanity as a cancer that must be removed from the earth. It demonstrates the darkness that has enveloped his heart.