Once again, a federal judge has refused the Trump administration’s request to reinstate the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) usual restrictions on the abortion pill, which requires women to visit a hospital, clinic or medical office to obtain it. Currently, women can receive the pill through telemedicine.

Early on in the pandemic, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and other pro-abortion groups successfully argued to U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang that the COVID restrictions posed an undue burden on women. Unfortunately, the judge sided with the abortion industry and temporarily removed some of the restrictions and regulations that were designed by the FDA to keep women safe.

The Trump administration recently argued that since things are opening up, some of those restrictions should be reinstated. The court disagreed.

“Accordingly, while the progress on vaccines and medical treatments for COVID-19 are cause for optimism and may advance the day that the Preliminary Injunction will no longer be warranted, the impact of these advances to date has not meaningfully altered the current health risks and obstacles to women seeking medication abortions,” Chuang wrote.

The judge also said that the administration failed to identify how not enforcing this regulation has harmed patients or the government.

With all due respect to Judge Chuang, who was appointed by President Barack Obama in 2014, the abortion pill harms women every day in this country. The abortion industry just doesn’t want women or the public to know this.

From bleeding to nausea and incomplete abortion to even death, the abortion pill is profoundly dangerous to a woman’s health. Unfortunately, much of this risk has not been properly evaluated by the medical establishment in the United States because of its pro-abortion bias. As a result, women who take the abortion pill in this country are doing so at great risk to themselves.

Most abortionists will say that the abortion pill is entirely safe, but women have described the abortion pill process is painful, uncomfortable and could last for days or even months. Women have also reportedly been traumatized and deeply impacted when they see their aborted child.

One woman, who shared her abortion story on the website Byrdie, wrote that she didn’t want the abortion pill because “I’d heard horror stories.” But since the anesthesiologist couldn’t be there, she went through with using the abortion pill.

She recalled, “Waiting for whatever was supposed to happen next was a terrifying brand of anxiety. About a half-hour later, I started to cramp up—first, a sort of palatable, PMS-like ache and then the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I got dizzy and slid off my brother’s bed onto the floor for fear I might faint. This went on for a few hours, with the cramping subsiding slightly as the pain medication I was prescribed kicked in. I was bleeding a lot. I couldn’t eat. I could barely move.”

But the story doesn’t end there. She continued, “I went on to bleed like that every day for three months. With each passing week, I’d call the clinic to make sure it was normal, and they’d assure me that every body is different and that mine was just taking longer than others to flush out. Over the next few months, I lost 25 pounds, couldn’t wear tampons, and definitely couldn’t have sex.”

Does that sound “safe” to you?

Here’s another story from a woman in the United Kingdom. She shared, “I kept having hot and cold flushes as the pain intensified – but it hadn’t been long enough to take more pain relief. The pain was excruciating with no respite. The pain then got so bad that I could only scream in agony. There was no position that I could get in to give me any relief. The pain was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It was excruciating and with no respite – like severe period pains, but 100,000 x worse and sharper, and also a lot lower down. I couldn’t bear it anymore and took two more co-codamol tablets, even though four hours hadn’t yet elapsed, but yet I was still in excruciating agony.”

It got worse. “My partner started to get worried as I writhed around screaming and called the clinic who told him to call an ambulance. As it was a low priority, a paramedic in a car attended. He took my blood pressure and then gave me a shot of morphine – in about five minutes the pain began to subside. He gave me another two small shots, checking my blood pressure in between each until the pain was like cramping. I was so relieved and so thankful for it. I went to the hospital because of the morphine. Honestly, for me, the pain felt like I was being tortured. As he had given me morphine, he said he had to take me to hospital as it can have side effects (although I didn’t experience any) and also to have a gynecologist check me over.”

These stories are heartbreaking and awful to read.

There is no doubt, the abortion pill is harmful to women. That a federal judge sided with the abortion industry and will allow telemedicine with the abortion pill to continue, is disturbing.

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