It is not just religious conservatives that are rejecting the manufactured falseness of gender identity and one’s claim to be transgender. Progressive feminists are joining in on the denunciation. They are angry and unapologetic as they do so because they realize that if gender identity can be fluid, then womanhood loses all meaning. This fact makes them furious.

And largely, their friends in the elite media ignore them because they are embarrassingly off-script. All good liberals are supposed to stick together and happily mouth the new gender orthodoxy or risk being called “transphobes.” Increasingly, more women are rejecting the framing of this. But some media outlets are giving these courageous women the bullhorn.

One such woman is Kara Dansky, author of The Abolition of Sex: How the “Transgender” Agenda Harms Women and Girls. She is also a leader in the U.S. chapter of the international Women’s Human Rights Campaign. As a guest on a major evening cable talk show this week, Dansky explained to viewers that the concept of “gender identity” is inherently “nebulous and nonsensical.” She is also extremely dutiful, whenever she utters the word “gender identity” or “transgender,” to also physically raise both hands so she can always put the word in air quotes. Why? Because she refuses to let go of the truth that gender is a biological fact. “Gender identity” is a brand new ideological construct that doesn’t actually exist in nature. But it is being forced upon all of us just the same, with great pressure, and Dansky refuses to play along. She is both brave and 100% correct to do so.

Dansky explains clearly that “Words like ‘gender identity’ don’t have any meaning. They really don’t” adding, “Every single human being is either a male person or female person. Everything else is a lie.”

The most riveting part of Dansky’s appearance was something she excitedly tagged onto the end of her interview, asking, “Can I make one final plea to your viewers?” Her host, Tucker Carlson, answered, “Of course!” and gave her more time.

Describing herself as “a registered Democrat” her final plea is for everyone of all political stripes to stop using the term “gender identity” as if it is a real thing. She continued, “Across the political spectrum, people still seem to be of the view that the phrase ‘transgender people,’ ‘transgender athlete,’ ‘transgender student,’ and ‘transgender prisoner’ has some sort of coherent meaning. It doesn’t.” She explained that our hold on material reality itself “goes out the window when you use a word like ‘transgender.’ It just doesn’t exist and I am begging viewers to stop using it.”

Language matters and Kara Dansky is a brave woman for saying so. Her warning and example should be followed because she speaks the truth.

You can see her quick and illuminating interview here…

Ms. Dansky expands on the reasons why “gender identity” and “transgender” are artificial, rhetorical categories in this additional video… 

She correctly explains, ‘Transgender’ is not real. It was simply made up to persuade people that there is some coherent category of people for whom sex is irrelevant. That is NOT true, and we should NOT be afraid to say so regardless of where we land on the political landscape.”

Both of her videos would be useful to watch with your tween and teen children and allow it to provide an opportunity for discussion on a fundamental part of what it means to be human.