The United States Senate’s passage of H.R. 8404, the deceptively titled “Respect for Marriage Act,” is a blow to religious freedom and should it become law, which now seems more likely than not, threatens to further undermine the very fragile foundation of the family.
In opposing this misguided legislation, social conservatives put up a valiant effort. We’re grateful for friends of the family in the Senate, especially Senators Lee, Lankford and Rubio. Each of them offered amendments intended to protect the deeply held religious convictions of organizations like Focus on the Family. Sadly, all of them were defeated. Our coalition partners, including Alliance Defending Freedom, helped rally supporters far and wide. We applaud their principled effort.
The health of our nation is predicated on the health of its families. It’s inconceivable why a majority of our leaders would deliberately vote to erode the very institution that holds the answer to a thriving country and culture. Children desperately need mothers and fathers, and today’s vote seriously undercuts and ignores what should be a top legislative priority.