It is supposed to be a very simple, black and white narrative of good and evil.

Disney is the valiant defender of oppressed minorities against the hateful, bigoted attacks of the Sunshine State’s governor and legislative branch. These evil people have made it illegal to even say “gay” in Florida. But fear not, Disney and other major media voices have come to the rescue to protect all children and “LGBT citizens” from the bad people.

Except this is a remarkably false and simplistic narrative and many in the same-sex community do not identify with it. That is what a gay Walt Disney World employee named Gary Lucia wants us all to understand, and he is as serious as he is passionate on the matter. He published a lengthy and major article over at Substack explaining all the various ways this carefully crafted and intentionally inflated narrative is untrue. It is well worth a full read by anyone concerned about this issue and how it is affecting our children and our culture.

Lucia gives us all a profound education, from his own ideological gay perspective, in how false so much of this narrative is.

First, he explains that he and many gay activist organizations strongly support the Parental Rights in Education Act. He cites a statement from Lesbians United,

“Despite what you may have heard, the Parental Rights in Education Act does not require schools to out gay students to abusive parents; nor does it erase gay people and gay history. Rather, the Parental Rights in Education Act would protect children – including young lesbians and gay boys – from exposure to inappropriate sexual content, and give loving and supportive parents access to the information they need to protect and guide their children.”

“The Parental Rights in Education Act, which major news outlets and homophobic organizations have smeared as a “Don’t Say Gay” bill, isn’t about gay erasure at all.”

“The bill’s prohibition on teaching sexual orientation applies only to children below fourth grade. It does not prohibit age-appropriate discussion of sexual orientation in middle- or high school sex ed, and it does not prohibit the discussion of gay history in classes beyond third grade.

Lucia, the gay Disney employee, adds, “The purposely nicknamed ‘Don’t Say Gay’ was a Trojan horse” to draw “people in and got them all fired up because they thought the bill was attacking gay people.” He continues, “This was done intentionally … [t]he detractors of the bill used this lure you in, but they wanted to hide the gender ideology part of the bill, which is what people should really be concerned about.” Lucia warns, “The public was played, and gay people were being played as pawns.”

Lucia then carefully explains that he rejects the whole false construct that is being foisted upon all of us…

Lucia is right.

There is no such thing as an ‘LGBTQ+ community’ because the letters themselves are in obvious ideological conflict. He is not the only same-sex attracted individual to say this. Others have been saying this for some time such as gay British intellectual Douglas Murrary in his important 2019 book The Madness of Crowds. “LGBT is now one of the groupings which mainstream politicians routinely speak about – and to – as if they actually exist like a racial or religious community. It is a form of absurdity.” He adds, “It may be too pedestrian to mention, but gay men and lesbians do not always form the warmest of relationships. …Neither have very much use for each other, and almost none meet in any ‘communal’ spaces.”

Lucia also cites the LGB Alliance USA on the matter in his piece. This group intentionally excludes the T because they wholly reject trans ideology as unscientific and opposed to their ideals. The LGB Alliance explains as much here,

The fact that the bill places ‘sexual orientation [and] gender identity’ in the same class is precisely why it is vital that we work to keep same-sex orientation (LGB) separate from gender ideology. We are not one community, we are not one issue, we are not one movement. Same-sex rights are incompatible with a belief that claims sex doesn’t exist or matter and that homosexuality is “bigoted” and “exclusionary.” The moniker of “Don’t Say Gay” is deeply misleading about what this bill is actually targeting. This is a predictable result of the gender movement piggybacking on the same-sex rights movement to push their sexist, homophobic agenda. [emphasis added]

Lucia continues,

Let me speak for myself: I am not LGBTQ, LGBTQ+, or LGBTQIA+. I am gay, just GAY. When you refer to me as ‘LGBTQIA+’, it is offensive to me. You are putting a label on me that I never approved. You are lumping all these groups of people together, and we are not a monolith. In addition, you are including the word ‘Queer’ as part of that label, and I am highly offended by that word, which is a slur that has been used to attack me.

While my fellow cast members have been expressing their outrage that Disney is not doing enough to fight this bill, I have been watching over the past year or so as Disney continues to push gender ideology on its employees. As gender ideology offends me as a gay man, I feel that Disney is doing TOO MUCH.

Lucia also explained how offended he and others were by Disney’s “Reimagine Tomorrow Conversation” video conference for employees in late March in response to outcries from a small number of their staff about the Florida legislation. “One of the panelists in my supposed ‘community’ of people meant to represent me in this Conversation introduced herself as a ‘biromantic asexual’, which I had to Google because I had never heard of it before. (Has anyone??).” Lucia was offended that “she bragged about ‘adding queerness wherever she could’ in the kids’ shows she writes. This person absolutely does not speak for me.” Lucia continues,

For all the commotion about “Don’t Say Gay”, the only self-identified gay man on the panel of eight was a person who in his introduction apologized for being ‘cisgender’. Because apparently, being born as a man is something to be ashamed of.

…In short, the Conversation did little to reassure me that the situation at Disney was going to get better. Rather, it ignited a fire in me to speak out because I could see it is going to get much, much worse. It was made clear to me that Disney is planning to go even HARDER with gender ideology. And the more Disney pushes gender ideology, the more I am going to push back. I have been advised by people close to me to keep my mouth shut; just go along with it; it’s like this everywhere; this is the world we live in now. But I just can’t accept this. I feel really disgusted with what is happening.

As you can see, Lucia’s big beef as an openly gay man is with gender ideology being put in the same category as his interests, as if they are all the same thing. But they are not. Gay and lesbians take the objectivity of male and femaleness very seriously. Gender ideologues say sex difference is just an illusion, that it doesn’t matter. People who think LGBTQ is all one happy community of like-minded folks are terribly naïve. Lucia concludes,

Without question gender ideology is a belief system, not based in facts or science. Sounds a lot like religion to me. If you don’t want your children taught religion in school but you are OK with gender ideology being taught, simply put: you are a hypocrite.

What Lucia and so many of his friends are trying to tell us is that the progressives cannot keep their own story straight. They want us to think there is such a thing as an “LGBTQ+ community” that needs protecting, but there is not. The Ls, Gs, and Bs believe things about the nature of male and female that are every bit at odds with the Ts and the Qs as what Christians and Atheists believe about ultimate reality. The former hold that male and female are actual, real categories. The latter believe they exist only in the individual mind. There is no bridging this divide.

Thus, Lucia explains, believing in “gender identity” is both misogynist and homophobic. If this is confusing to you, you don’t understand what is currently happening with gender politics and you must take the time to read Lucia’s whole piece here.

This is a very basic, but inconvenient fact that Disney and the media elite must come to full terms with if they wish to make any sense.

Photo from Chris Jackson/ Getty Images.