The storm started when Jodie, accompanied by her best friend Heather, set sail on the Chesapeake Bay with their classmates from Philadelphia. Little did they know their voyage would reveal far more about themselves than they could have ever thought possible.

So begins an exciting new series written by Bob DeMoss, a five-time New York Times bestselling author.

“There’s a lot of street-level issues that will resonate with this generation,” DeMoss said in an interview with The Daily Citizen.

These new books authored by DeMoss are a part of the Soul Survivor Series. The intent behind the four-part series is to help teenagers navigate many of the hot-button topics they will encounter in public school, and to be able to think through these issues from a Christian, biblically-based worldview.

“The first book is called The Mind Siege Project, which explores the topics of right and wrong, absolute truth, the fact that choices have consequences, and the myth of the tolerance movement. Any teen going to a public school today – or even a private Christian school, will be immersed in a battle over their view of the world and the choices they make as a believer,” he added.

DeMoss doesn’t shy away from addressing difficult topics within the Soul Survivor Series. Through the lens of the series’ protagonist, Jodie, readers wrestle with the issues of absentee fatherhood, human sexuality, internet dating, faith vs. religion and the witchcraft (Wicca) movement, among other key subjects. Written to help teenagers navigate these topics from a biblical perspective, these core Christian principles are told with fictional characters in an intriguing and entertaining manner.

The four books in the series include:

  1. The Mind Siege Project (Free with this link!)
  2. All the Rave
  3. The Last Dance
  4. Black Friday

“If you walk into a Barnes & Noble today, shelves in the young adult section are packed with so-called positive witchcraft and other forms of sorcery books, including mysticism and casting spells; it’s all over that teen reader space,” DeMoss said.

This fact is exactly why the Soul Survivor Series is essential for teenagers to read today. It helps teens learn and know how to speak the truth in love while defending their faith.

In fact, DeMoss believes these books are so important for Christian teenagers to read that he is offering readers of The Daily Citizen a FREE copy of the first eBook in the series!

To receive the FREE eBook, The Mind Siege Project, for you or your teenager, click here. Claim your free copy of the first eBook in DeMoss’ series by downloading it before August 30, 2020!

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