It used to be a well-worn talking point in so-called “pro-choice” politics that abortion was a necessary tragedy. It was nothing to be happy about, but was unfortunately essential.

Say what you will about their sincerity in the point, it was at least a glimmer of humility and recognition of what abortion produces: a dead child and unspeakable pain for a woman. That has all changed, however, and the radical wing of the abortion lobby who never met an abortion they couldn’t celebrate now rules the day.

This was dramatically demonstrated last week when, as The Daily Citizen reported, Argentina became the first large nation in Latin America to legalize abortion for any reason. The celebration at the news was as chilling as it was euphoric.

Do these people understand what it is they are actually cheering? It is literally bone-chilling.

But other equally disturbing images have emerged from the abortion camp’s latest victory and it comes from an Argentinian television news show. Viviana Canosa, News 9 Argentina’s main anchor, gives the story here and the image itself needs no translation. It tells you more than you want to know.

Canosa was doing a segment on a massive pro-life rally in Buenos Aires, the Festival of Two Lives, leading up to their abortion vote in the Senate last week. She opens the segment explaining, “I want to share with you—especially you politicians who weren’t there—that it was a thrilling. I want to tell you that there were many young people there. There were many humble people there—both humble of spirit and humble in economic status. It was beautiful.”

She then explains, “But I want to jump into this with the photo of this young girl. There she is.”

This photo was taken, not at the pro-life gathering where babies and their mothers were celebrated, but at the so-called the Green Diaper March where abortion advocates dressed in green, waving green triangle diapers, as seen in the first video above.  This is a young girl, perhaps 10 years old. Imagine the outrage if that had been a puppy.

But this news anchor provides a beautiful reflection from a woman’s perspective. Viviana Canosa explains that what came to her mind when she saw this picture of this young girl was what she would have been dreaming about at that time in her life as a young girl. She explains,

You know, we didn’t know if we would be mothers or wanted to be mothers, but we used to play with dolls. We put them to bed, we gave them something to eat and cared for them.  We role-played mom & dad with our girl friends: ‘Hey can you keep care of my baby? I’m going off to work!’ That was our childhood.  And this photo is disturbing to me.  It is the antithesis of what I experienced in the [pro-life] “March of Two Lives” this weekend.

Then, in a very poignant moment, Canosa the newscaster, as a woman and mother, responds directly to the little girl and her mother,

If I could, I’d run to this girl to sweep her up and hug her and hold her to my chest and give her a huge hug. This doesn’t correspond to her nature. Something’s wrong here. There’s nothing in a girl’s heart that would make her do this. Something’s wrong. That girl must have parents, grandparents… and I ask of you, ‘Please care for this girl!’ I ask you as a mother.

 Canosa so beautifully isolates the obvious here, which is unfortunately not so obvious today. Where did those women in that first video learn that a new law allowing you to end your child’s life is something to cheer about as if you were at some teen-idol concert? That crowd would not have cheered that wildly if it has just been announced cancer had been eradicated from the planet. Something is deeply wrong there with such a callousness towards life. And it puts that little girl’s blind and horrific actions in total perspective. Where did this little girl learn this behavior? What taught her that was a virtuous thing to do? She certainly didn’t dream it up on her own and this fact should horrify even the most ardent pro-abortion advocate. She imbibed it from the adults around her.

As the anchor says, such an action is not in any little girl’s nature. Not in any way. It is directly contrary to her nature as a girl, to all nature in fact. Such things must be taught, as everything in her wonderfully female body is directed toward life, protection, and care. That is one of the most powerful forces in humanity, and it is fundamentally female, and everything about abortion must convince a woman to go against that. That is what makes this image so startling, because it presents this fact in stunning, real-life fashion in otherwise absolute innocence.

Did anyone at that rally correct the girl? Someone brought that doll to the march that day, but for what purpose? It is worth asking what the soul of the pro-abortion movement has become and how it became so humanly callous. Or is it merely shedding its false veneer to reveal what was always there?