The helpful secular organization Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT) is a collective recounting the various ways parents are being lied to by various authorities manipulating their children with gender ideology. Since these are parents who care deeply for their children, they speak with a very impassioned voice. They are done being nice. They are furious, and with good reason.

In a new post entitled “Dear Administrator,” PITT tells the story of a parent, a regular volunteer at her daughter’s school, who has been flat out lied to by a school administrator about the child’s “gender transition.” This mother writes,

“Last night, we sat across from each other at a dinner given to volunteers of my daughter’s school. You are always so pleasant and affable and I know you are very hard working. I had (note the past tense) a lot of respect for you – until last night.” (emphasis in original)

Why the sudden loss of respect?

Because the administrator inadvertently revealed the school was not only keeping vital information about this child’s well-being from the parent, doing so with careful deceptive intention. This mother continues,

“It was the moment you leaned over to whisper to the administrator sitting beside you. And then you turned to me and asked about my daughter – using her real name. That’s the moment I lost all respect for you, because clearly you were checking with the other admin over which name to use to my face.”

Their duplicity was accidently revealed. Lies eventually do that.

This mother adds, “For I know you use my daughter’s trans-ID name at school – and that the school actively hides it from me. I have proof.”

She expressed how this makes her feel about those she entrusts her child to for many hours each week and volunteers for, “It’s a very strange feeling to have someone look you in the eye and know they are lying to you as they laugh and smile and carry on a seemingly normal conversation.”

Can you feel this mother’s rage?

This kind of arrogant dishonesty happens more and more to parents because too many school administrators and teachers who have been absolutely captured by dangerous gender ideology thinking they are better protectors of children than their parents are. This is rarely true.

This mother, in her righteous and justified anger, boldly asks this and all administrators and educators in her open letter the following questions,

  • Does not one of you have the courage to take me aside and tell me what’s going on?
  • Do you all honestly think you know better than me what is going on and the best way to handle it, the one who has known my daughter since she was an embryo…, while you have spoken to her perhaps a half a dozen times in passing?
  • How do you feel about contributing to the separation and possible breakup of a family? How would you feel if it were your family, your child?
  • Do you know my daughter’s history? The fact that she was quite the girly girl, that she has anxiety, that she is questioning her sexuality, that she hates unwanted male attention which is rife in our city, and so her gender dysphoria needs to be taken in this entire context.
  • Do you know about the research on social transition, that using alternate names and pronouns can solidify a trans identity, which can then lead to medicalization all on a very weak evidence base? Do you know about the role of social influence, via peers and social media? Even the French National Academy of Medicine realizes this, not to mention trans people themselves.
  • Have you read this peer-reviewed study?

The study says,

“Claims that gender affirmation through transitioning socially is beneficial for children with GD could not be supported from the present results. Instead, the study highlights the importance of individual social support provided by peers and family, independent of exploring additional possibilities of gender transition during counseling.”

And finally, she asks this, and all school educators and administrators,

  • Are you an activist educator with an agenda, or just one with no courage to stand up to the activist educators who surround you?

This mother has done her homework on the truth and lies of the contemporary gender issue and how the currently ideological capture of so many adults and peers in our children’s lives are making things very dangerous for them. But to deceptive administrators like this, this caring mother is a reactionary simpleton who must be blocked. Such destructive arrogance and it prevents this girl from getting the genuinely compassionate care she needs.

The mother ends her letter with these strong words,

“Likely you think it’s better and easier to keep your head down, not rock the boat, and follow orders. 

But then again, that’s what a lot of Germans thought in WWII.


Your Parent Volunteer”

Our children, who are increasingly under assault by gender ideology and the trusted adults pushing this poison, need informed, bold and resolute parents like this mother. The Daily Citizen salutes her courage and fierce care for her sweet daughter. We encourage others to follow her example.


Photo from Shutterstock.