An elementary school in Beaverton, Oregon, is in an uproar after fourth and fifth graders were invited to join a new club, the “Queer and Sexuality Alliance.” Students were told they didn’t need their parents’ permission to participate.

When all the students in one class signed up, one boy resisted peer pressure and refused. The Daily Wire reported that he told his mother, who identifies as a liberal, “I ain’t signing no contract with the Devil.”

This is just one more alarming example of what’s been happening in many public schools across the country, as children are indoctrinated into extremist sexual and political ideologies.

Many school staff, teachers and administrators are wonderful – they love their students, stand for the truth, respond well to parents, and work hard to educate children.

But at the same time, as universities and colleges have moved further to the left, more of their extremist graduates are now in public schools as teachers and administrators. Here’s a look at some other disturbing incidents in schools that illustrate why parents, now more than ever, must pay attention to what their children are being taught – and act against a radical, sexualized education agenda.

At the end of this article, we’ll offer some encouragement and explain some of what parents – and other concerned citizens – are doing on behalf of their children’s education.  

  • A California mom is suing the Spreckels Union School District, in Salinas, alleging that her sixth-grade daughter “was recruited by teachers to join an ‘Equality Club’ where she was told she may be transgender and bisexual – two terms that were foreign to her.” According to The Center for American Liberty which represents the mother, “Teachers encouraged Jessica Konen’s daughter to change her name to a boy’s name as an expression of her new identity and specifically instructed her not to tell her mother about her new identity because her mother couldn’t be ‘trusted.’”
  • In Pennsylvania, York Suburban School Board member Richard Robinson published an op-ed aimed at parents, titled, “With all due respect … no, I don’t work for you.” Robinson targeted those who questioned ongoing mask mandates for students, saying, “Finally, with all due respect to the charlatans who claim health and safety measures are responsible for destroying the mental health of children simply to justify their own social agenda, you are the most offensive and vile of all. … To listen to your repeated distortions of the facts is nauseating.” That hardly sounds like “due respect” for his constituents.
  • Teachers at Centennial Elementary School, in Denver, Colorado wrote, “Our kindergarten and first grade team is so excited to engage in the Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action again this year!” Evidently it’s important for 5- and 6-year-olds to learn how to be “Queer Affirming,” Transgender Affirming,” and how to build “women-centered spaces free from sexism, misogyny, and male-centeredness.”


Despite those incidents, and there are many more examples we could point to, be encouraged. Parents and concerned citizens are doing a great deal to combat this politicized, sexualized agenda in education.

  • Parents are pulling their children out of woke public schools and turning to homeschooling. The Pioneer Institute, a Massachusetts-based public policy research group, reported, “According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of households with children being homeschooled has doubled, from 5.4 percent during the 2019-20 school year to 11 percent in 2020-21. Among Black households, it increased nearly five-fold, from 3.3 percent to 16.1 percent in a year.”
  • In Ohio, parents are pushing to pass “The Backpack Bill,” which would increase educational choice in the state. House Bill 290 would “provide a state-funded Educational Savings Account (ESA) to every Ohio K-12 student who opts into the program. The student may use these ESA funds for authorized educational expenses, including tuition at a private school of their choice or homeschooling expenses,” says the Ohio Christian Education Network. The organization is connected with the Center for Christian Virtue, a public policy ally of Focus on the Family.
  • “Lawmakers in at least 12 states have introduced legislation to require schools to post lists of all of their teaching materials online, including books, articles and videos,” reports NBC News. After finding radical, offensive books and curriculums in schools, parents are pushing for “curriculum transparency,” and legislators are responding.
  • Parents are uniting and forming groups to fight woke education in schools. In Northern Virginia, the epicenter of many school board battles, groups like “Fight for Schools, Parent and Child Loudoun, Parents Against Critical Theory, Arlington Parent Coalition, Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County and org (Fairfax) have all formed in recent years, working to inform parents, protect children and recall recalcitrant school board members who don’t listen to parents’ legitimate concerns.
  • Concerned citizens are making their voices heard at the ballot box. In Virginia, former governor and gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe lost, largely due to concerned and activated parents, after he said, “I’m not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decisions. … I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”
  • Churches are working in local communities to educate Christians and elect candidates who share their values. Here in Colorado Springs, the organization Church Voter Guides produced non-partisan reports with school board candidates positions on issues such as critical race theory, sexual education and parents’ role in education. With church involvement, “17 out of 20 seats [were] won by candidates with Biblical values,” the group stated.

It’s terrific to see informed parents effectively engaging with the education system, turning the tide against extremist idealogues. We’ll keep you posted about education battles and victories across the country, as parents stand up for their children and their parental rights in education.

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