Many parents – and other concerned citizens – are deeply troubled by some of what’s being taught in public schools. Biased history, political indoctrination and sexualization of children begin in elementary school in many school districts. Focus on the Family has resources to educate about these problems and equip you to take action. 

Focus on the Family Resources


School and Related Issues

This web page has links to dozens of education-related books, broadcasts, DVDs, Q&As, podcasts, resource lists and referrals.


If you’re already homeschooling – or just exploring the option – Focus on the Family has books, broadcasts, referrals, Q&As and resource lists to help.

Sex Education

Give your children a solid understanding of God’s design for sexuality, relationship and marriage with these helpful books, broadcasts, videos and other resources.

Resources When Your Child Encounters LGBT Ideology at School

Today’s kids are encountering confusing, inaccurate and inappropriate sexual topics in school library books, sexual education curriculum, social studies lessons and textbooks. We’ve listed a number of helpful downloadable resources, articles and websites to help you teach your children God’s design for sexuality, discuss sensitive issues with them, and respond to school officials with truth, grace, wisdom and courage.

State Family Policy Councils

Need some help with what’s being taught at a local school? Or want to get involved in shaping education policy and protecting parental rights in your state? Focus-affiliated organizations in 40 states work to protect religious freedom, affirm family-friendly policies and support free speech.

Focus on the Family’s The Daily Citizen

The Daily Citizen gives you timely, relevant information about cultural and political issues – from a biblical perspective. This includes education-related issues such as freedom of speech and religious freedom in schools; homeschooling, comprehensive sexual education; and political indoctrination and biased social studies curriculum. Here’s a sampling of articles to inform and equip you on various school issues. You’ll find more at The Daily Citizen.

Free speech in schools:

Florida Teacher Sent to Principal’s Office for Refusing to Use Female Pronouns for Male Student

University Professor Fired for Espousing Compassionate, Healing Treatment for Gender-Confused Children

University of Wisconsin ‘Speech Zones’ and Permission Requirements Drive Individual Students Off-Campus

Gender confusion or transgender issues in schools:

Department of Justice Sides with Female Athletes Against Transgender Sports Policy

U.S. Department of Education Launches Inquiry Into Policy That Allows Male Athletes to Compete in Women’s Sports

What Gender-Confusing Books Did You Read in School Today, Johnny?

Homeschooling and school choice:

Ideas for Homeschooling Your Children from Massachusetts Family Institute and Focus on the Family

Practical Resources for Teaching Your Kids at Home

Relax! Your Kids are Already Homeschooled

“Who Owns Your Children?” – Summit Pushes Back Against Homeschool and Parental Rights Opponents

Political indoctrination and biased history in schools:

Historical Fallacy – The Failure of The New York Times 1619 Project

The National Education Association Wants to Indoctrinate Children Across the Country

New “1776 Project” Counters Disinformation of The New York Times’ “1619 Project”

Religious freedom in education

Florida Scholarship Program for Underprivileged Students Under Fire Because Religious Schools Benefit

Former Colorado Springs High School Student Shares Story of Fight for Religious Freedom in the Oval Office

U.S. Department of Education Releases New Rule Ending Discrimination Against Religious Students, Institutions

Sex education, sexually inappropriate books and controversial curricula:

Parents Work to Repeal Washington State’s Mandatory ‘Comprehensive Sexuality Education’ Law

Parents in Virginia Pushing Back Against Library Books that Confuse and Sexualize Children

Sex Ed Identity Crisis