Sex revolutionaries have made remarkable political and cultural gains in the last decade. It is no question their ideology has become the dominant belief system among all elite sectors of society today. It’s our new secular religion actually. Those in academia, business, entertainment, law, and politics know they must genuflect to their wishes and mouth their doctrinal creeds in nearly everything they do. These revolutionaies have orchestrated quite a cultural revolution. They are certainly not “victims” anymore.

But we who believe in the objective reality of male and female and the marked superiority and singular importance of the married mother/father family over all other forms for the continuation of healthy society are certainly not going away. We will continue to stand unapologetically for what we know to be true, good and right.

So, for all their talk of the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion, we must recognize these values do not extend to people who believe as we do. Those who preach “tolerance” do not tolerate those who hold beliefs that nearly everyone held as undeniable until the last few milliseconds of human experience. Beliefs like the natural family and objective sexual dimorphism.

So how do we live as fellow citizens in the midst of this paradox?

Here are 10 fundamental questions about this new religion of gender ideology that is being forced upon all of us with great, daily force that leaders of this revolution must face. Keep these in mind as you engage with others at work, school, and in your community. They are basic questions that everyone pushing the new religious orthodoxy upon you and your children should be required to answer in honesty and good faith.

  1. Can I believe your views on sexuality, marriage, and parentage are mistaken and still be decent person in society?
  2. Is there any degree of kindness or winsomeness that I can demonstrate that will make my disagreement acceptable to you?
  3. Can I believe that the future of humanity rests upon the unique and essential pro-creative function of male/female marriage and still be a decent person?
  4. Can I believe that every child has a fundamental right to be loved and cared for by his or her own mother and father over a lifetime as the ideal and still be a decent person?
  5. Your community regularly tell us Jesus never uttered the word “homosexuality.” Will you explain to me the sexual ethic Jesus that taught?
  6. Do you find it ironic or troubling that the progress of gender theory and the women’s movement has brought society to the place where the important word woman can no longer be objectively defined? How is that progress for women?
  7. Gender theory famously tells us that male and female are mere social constructs. But it also now demands that transwomen and transmen are genuine, real men and women that everyone must recognize and celebrate under severe penalty. How can both be true?
  8. Do you agree with or denounce very frequent and public calls by numerous trans activists for J.K. Rowling and other feminists to be physically and sexually assaulted for believing woman is an objective term referring to an adult human female?
  9. Are you concerned that having an “LGBTQ+” identity is becoming more elastic social contagion than actual innate, behavioral identity?
  10. If there is truly an “LGBTQ+ Community,” are you concerned that lesbians’ self-determination to refuse to date biological men who present as women is a serious threat to the “L’s” rights and your community’s ideological coherence?

These are important questions worth asking because they reveal the extreme and largely unreasonable rhetoric this revolution uses and forces upon the rest of us. These ten questions force them to consider how this unreasonableness is working itself out in public life and within their so-called community in problematic ways.


Photo from Shutterstock.