Far too many people assume overpopulation is one of humanity’s gravest threats.

It certainly is not, and the Chinese know this better than most. Their decades-long, draconian one-child policy has essentially left that nation with no human future. That is because tomorrow’s Chinese teachers, inventors, medical workers, service-staff, business, military, and government leaders, not to mention money-spending consumers and taxpayers always start out as last year’s babies. If those babies don’t happen, China’s future doesn’t happen. And China has virtually no immigration policy. They home-grow their future. Except that they aren’t. And that has become a dramatically serious concern to the Chinese government.

In fact, Gates Foundation funded research reports that at current rates, China’s population will drop by 48 percent by 2100! That alone will knock them out of contention as an economic super-power and dooms their future.

China is desperate to increase their population and has realized that men choosing vasectomies is a serious problem. They are deeply concerned about twenty-something gents like Huang Yulong, a bachelor in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou who believes, “For our generation, children aren’t a necessity. Now we can live without any burdens. So why not invest our spiritual and economic resources on our own lives?”

After more than three decades of forced sterilization of both men and women, The Washington Post is reporting that hospitals in China are refusing to perform vasectomies because, as the director of one major hospital explained, “The fundamental policy is that China needs more childbirths.” They want to make sure no spigots get shut off as China reported 8.5 births per 1,000 people in 2020, the lowest rate in over 70 years, according to their official data released last month.

But the Post also notes,

“Yet efforts to arrest the trend — including loosening family-planning rules such as the former one-child policy, and offering cash subsidies and longer parental leave to encourage larger families — have failed as more Chinese couples choose not to have children.”

Even as an unapologetically atheist country, the Chinese government nonetheless grasps that God’s first command to “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth…” is still very much in effect. Every nation, even today, ignores this at their own peril. Just ask China.

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