Some of us are old enough to remember when same-sex marriage advocates claimed redefining the multi-millennia institution wouldn’t impact anyone except the men or women seeking to get “married.”

That bromide was proven false a long time ago, especially as advocates demanded homosexuality be normalized throughout society, including through sexual orientation and gender identity laws (SOGI), adoption law, matters of child custody, classroom curriculum, and even church membership, to name just a few areas.

Yet one more manifestation of the far-reaching consequences of the radical sexual revolution was laid bare this past week with new legislation that proposes to remove the words “husband” and “wife” from federal law.

It’s called the “Amend the Code for Marriage Equality Act” and if passed and signed into law, “husband” and “wife” would be replaced with terms such as “spouse,” “married couple,” “married person” or even a “person who has been, but is no longer, married.”

This linguistic torture-fest is the inevitable outgrowth of trying to redefine a core understanding of reality – that marriage is an exclusive union between one man and one woman.

Deconstructing or outright erasing language has a very Orwellian feel to it. Readers of George Orwell’s “1984” will recall Winston Smith’s task at the Ministry of Truth of rewriting history and disposing old and antiquated language and stories down “memory holes.”

Given the current makeup of the House of Representatives, it’s unlikely this legislation will go anywhere, but it’s nevertheless stunning to see representatives championing the erasure of beloved terms and titles.

It might be popular within radical groups to declare war on long-accepted language, but no lawmaker can ever erase what God has ordained. Tragically, within the radical class lies a penchant for fantastical and intolerant thinking. The sexual revolution has spawned a series of made-up terms and even identities that make no sense at all – and shoving the terms “husband” and “wife” down the proverbial Memory Hole makes a bad situation even worse.

Rather than erasing the terms of “husband” and “wife” from the lexicon, lawmakers should instead be concentrating their efforts on ways to strengthen and accentuate the titles and encourage more men and women to assume these God-given roles. That’s because strong husbands and strong wives make for strong children and a thriving nation. Is it any wonder that the family is under siege in this country when some of its elected representatives want to expunge the very people best suited to serve as a solution to its downfall?

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