NBC News wrote a recent explainer on what it means to be “nonbinary.” It is important that everyone who cares about the family, what it means to be human, and biological reality itself have a very clear understanding of the falsehood that “nonbinary” is.

NBC did not provide that explanation. At least, not overtly. But it did admit its deception indirectly.

Let us be clear right from the start. Nonbinary is a nonsense term. No one is nonbinary. The fundamental fact of humanity is that to be human is to be either male or female. There is no third option.

The concept exists solely in the sadly troubled, but creative imagination of the person making the claim.

NBC’s article admits this fact.

They begin by explaining that being so-called nonbinary is a subset of being transgender which “means someone’s gender identity, or the personal sense of their gender, differs from the sex they were assigned at birth, which is based on their external sex characteristics.” (emphasis added)

Note a critical phrase here: Personal sense

They are speaking of a ghostly essence, an internal, subjective feeling that means very different things to different people. You know this is true if you have met more than two people claiming to be transgender.

NBC explains nonbinary exists under the umbrella term of transgender, noting “not all nonbinary people identify as transgender.” They add, “Some nonbinary people also identify with other terms that describe identities outside of the male-female binary, such as genderfluid, genderqueer or bigender.” These are also made-up nonsense words, describing things that don’t exist in objective reality.

This is why, as NBC News readily admits, some so-called nonbinary people “use neopronouns, such as “xe,” “xir” and “xirs.” If you doubt all of this is just made up, you need look no further than neopronouns and xenogenders.

NBC also correctly notes that “Nonbinary is also different from intersex, which refers to people who are born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that falls outside of what people would typically describe as male or female.” Intersex is an actual measurable medical condition where one’s chromosomal or genital development can unfortunately be atypical. The American Psychiatric Association readily admits transgender is a non-medical term.

NBC also admits that this thing they are trying to sell as perfectly normal and natural, always existing in human experience, is curiously more popular with younger generations. Data they cite admits those who identify as nonbinary are overwhelming “young, urban and born in the U.S.” They are not naturally spread across humanity as male and female are. Not even close. Those claiming to be nonbinary are also more likely to be traumatized and experience “chronic stressors” in some way while young. They also “reported relatively high rates of mental health concerns” with “51% who had symptoms consistent with serious mental illness.” A majority are also relatively well-to-do financially.

NBC also cites Pew Research Center data demonstrating that nonbinary identity is almost non-existent among 50+ year old citizens, but growing wildly among young adults, as demonstrated in this research graph.

Nonbinary is not a thing. It does not exist in or across nature.

It is a subset of the dogmatic religion of transgenderism which exists solely in the mind of the individual making the claim. Even NBC admits this much. If it really was a natural, normal part of human experience, like male and female, it would be as commonly understood as male and female. But it is not.

NBC’s felt-need to publish their explainer actually affirms this.

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