Texas has recently passed another pro-life bill, one that protects women and preborn babies from abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned. But at the same time, Iowa, another generally pro-life state, is seeing a spike in the number of abortions. While it’s great to see more and more life-affirming bills pass, even states that value the sanctity of life can struggle to protect the sanctity of preborn life.

Texas is perhaps becoming one of the most passionately pro-life states in the union. Other states might disagree, like neighboring Louisiana, but Texas is by far the largest in terms of size and population to advocate for the preborn.

Now, Gov. Greg Abbott has signed another pro-life bill into law, and this one will protect preborn babies and women from abortion if Roe is overturned.

Human Life Protection Act, also known as House Bill 1280, will take effect on September 1, 2021, and will become active 30 days after Roe is overturned.

He tweeted, “The most precious freedom of all is life itself. Today I signed #HB1280. Under this law, the moment Roe v. Wade is overturned abortions will be outlawed in Texas. Texas will always foster a culture of life.”

The governor also said, “I’m signing a law today that will save babies from the ravages of abortion.”

It’s rather fitting that Texas passed such a bill, as the Roe case originated in Texas with Norma McCorvey, who was the titular “Jane Roe” in the landmark case.

The possibility of Roe being overturned is closer now than ever before, especially with Mississippi’s 15-week abortion case on the docket for the Supreme Court during the next session. While it’s unlikely that Roe will be overturned in this case, it’s possible that viability will be redefined and lowered. If that happens, it could save the lives of tens of thousands of babies across the country.

This is something that pro-abortion activists remain extremely concerned about, especially as nearly 100 pro-life bills have been introduced and passed throughout the country just this year.

Texas is just another sign of how the country, in a way, is becoming more and more pro-life.

However, there are some areas of concern as well.

Reports indicate that Iowa is experiencing a spike in the number of abortions, increasing by 14% this year and 25% last year, with some faulting a court decision that essentially codified abortion as a right in the state constitution.

Maggie DeWitte of Iowans for Life explained, “When you create a fundamental right, that means you can’t regulate abortions in any way. Our hands are tied.

“People look to the law to determine what to believe,” she added.

However, the abortion industry blames the state’s decision to strip Planned Parenthood of its ability to provide contraception and sex education.

“It’s certainly what we warned Iowans would happen,” Jamie Burch Elliott, director of public affairs for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Iowa, said.

The abortion business was also forced to close four clinics in 2017 after its funding was cut.

In order to address the situation and hopefully decrease the number of abortions, pro-life lawmakers are creating a constitutional amendment that would state that there is no right to an abortion.

State Rep. Steven Holt explained the importance of passing such a measure, “Let’s face it, I’m sorry, but Planned Parenthood, their main focus and the way they make their money is abortion, and I think we all know that.”

Though what’s happening in Iowa is concerning, it could also be a reflection of Planned Parenthood’s clever maneuvering when it comes to abortion statistics. Were there really more abortions in Iowa over the last two of years, or is Planned Parenthood changing up its reporting tactics to try and manipulate the state into believing that only it can prevent unplanned pregnancies? That’s unclear.

But pro-life laws do work, whether in Iowa or Texas. Planned Parenthood is just increasingly concerned about the growing sanctity of life movement and what it means for their cause.