Abby Johnson was an abortion clinic director for Planned Parenthood for eight years. She considered herself a Christian and believed she was helping women. But her heart was conflicted. As she described it, “I facilitated abortions on Saturday, and sat in a pew on Sunday.”

She was able to rationalize that dichotomy, in part, through Planned Parenthood’s skewed perspective. They never talk about the baby. Their focus is, and always has been, the woman. In fact, Abby was instructed never to refer to the baby at all. If an abortion-minded woman referred to her child as a baby, staff were to respond with the words “fetus” or “tissue.”

Abby entrenched even further into her work after an initial wave of pro-life protesters appeared outside of her clinic. They carried graphic signs and yelled, “Don’t kill your baby!” to women entering the building. The protesters didn’t offer words of help or hope to the women, but of condemnation.

Then Shawn Carney showed up outside Abby’s clinic. He was convinced the pro-life movement needed a new approach that was centered on prayer and that reflected a Christ-like witness. Shawn is the director of 40 Days for Life, a pro-life outreach of peaceful prayer outside abortion clinics. He and his organization faithfully prayed for 40 days for Abby to have a change of heart.

That occurred the day Abby saw an ultrasound image of an abortion as it was being performed. The moment crystalized the truth that abortion isn’t the removal of a fetus or tissue, it ends the life of a baby.

You won’t want to miss our conversation with Abby Johnson on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Leaving Planned Parenthood.”She tells a fascinating story about the power of prayer and how God never gives up on anyone.

This program isn’t graphic, but it’s probably not suitable for younger children, so please use your discretion and occupy your kids elsewhere, or listen later online, on iTunes, via Podcast, or on our free phone app.

Abby describes how the faithful prayers of pro-life supporters helped lead her to the momentous decision to leave the abortion industry, a move that made national headlines. Both Abby and Shawn discuss the importance of changing hearts and minds about abortion by demonstrating kindness, love and compassion.

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Photo from Facebook via Abby Johnson.