When it comes to how we’re to approach and navigate antagonists and opponents of the Christian faith and culture, Scripture is prescriptive.

Jesus made clear that we’re to pray for, love and even bless our enemies and abusers (Luke 6:27-28) – something He modeled as He hung on the cross, forgiving those who crucified Him (Luke 23:34).

This countercultural approach can be shocking to some, especially in a world that seems bent on revenge and retribution. Being a Christian means, among other things, to forgive wrongs and recognize that we’re blessed when we’re persecuted because of righteousness (Matthew 5:10).

There is no denying that the full-on demonic assault being waged on the very nature of God and His ways makes this extremely challenging.

Discerning observers of culture will see how the Lord’s many good things are being perverted, twisted to mean evil things, as well as advance corrupt and wicked causes that are contrary to His intended use.

Sex is regularly perverted. Intended for the marital union, we see it abused outside of marriage, whether through extramarital affairs, fornication, homosexuality or the many crimes and manifestations of sexual abuse. Aberrant behavior is being normalized, and even celebrated, at the highest levels.

The Lord made male and female – but we’re living through a sexual revolution consumed by confusion, with people deluded into believing the two are changeable or even that there are far more than just two.

Marriage was God’s wonderful creation, but that institution has been perverted by those looking to ignore, redefine and expand its meaning.

Relationships have been perverted beyond romance. Generations have benefited from mentors, often adults guiding minors. But the explosion of perversion puts parents on edge and children on notice.

The sanctity of life itself has been perverted. The most dangerous place to be these days is in the womb of an unwed mother, especially as society celebrates with reckless abandon the claim that women have the right to kill their innocent child.

As a result, justice has been perverted, not just for the preborn, but for the elderly or those with special needs, individuals whom many see as dispensable.

Beauty is regularly being perverted, whether through pornography, music, art or the movies. Stand on any city street corner or spend time around high school or college students, and you’ll see that speech is regularly perverted, too.

Because Satan cannot create, he hijacks, steals, corrupts and attempts to repurpose every one of God’s good things.

This attack on God does not go unnoticed, and it shouldn’t go without response from Christians.

Yes, we need to pray for the perverters and prevaricators, but we must also pray and work against the advancement of their efforts.

But how best to pray for their conversion and salvation? Dr. Al Mohler has characterized the Lord’s prayer as a prayer “that turns the world upside down.”

“Are you looking for revolution?” he asked. “There is no clearer call to revolution than when we pray ‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven [emphasis in original].'” But this is a revolution only God can bring … and He will.

He continues:

“This short prayer turns the world upside down. Principalities and powers hear their fall. Dictators are told their time is up. Might will indeed be made right and truth and justice will prevail. The kingdoms of this world will all pass, giving way to the Kingdom of our Lord, and of his Christ.”

In the end, the “Lord’s Prayer” reminds us that He is sovereign and that we can leave the fate of the purveyors of perversion to Him.