If you needed another reason to take what the mainstream media says with a grain of salt, here it is—media is being urged by a “neutral” writing guide to avoid using words like “pro-life” and instead use “anti-abortion.”

The newest guidance assumes a point of view that uniformly rejects the pro-life position in favor of pushing a narrative that is decidedly pro-abortion.

It’s word manipulation at its finest, and it’s being used in a way that promotes abortion propaganda.

Recently, the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook updated its guidance and recommendations for language regarding abortion.

The AP Stylebook is used by those in the media to report on news of the day. The stylebook is the official guidance for what is acceptable and not acceptable in written journalism.

The new guidance advises against using the words “pro-abortion” or “pro-choice,” instead, the guidance urges journalists to use the words “abortion rights” when discussing abortion.

Of course, the phrase “abortion rights” assumes a correct position in the debate. It assumes that abortion is a “right” rather than a moral wrong. And it assumes that individuals have the inherent authority to take the life of a preborn child because it is a “right.”

The guide advises journalists not to use the phrase “late-term abortion” and to instead use the words “abortion later in pregnancy.” 

It also urges writers not to use the phrase “pregnancy resource centers” when referring to organizations that help pregnant women when experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. The guide urges journalists to call these centers “anti-abortion centers.” 

Ironically, the guide also advises writers against using the words “fetal heartbeat,” suggesting that the phrase is misleading to readers and recommends instead “cardiac activity.” According to the guidance, the “flickering” of a “rudimentary heart” does not qualify as a heartbeat.

It’s as if the pro-abortion lobby was given the opportunity to rewrite the AP Stylebook.

Christians must be mindful of what is being covertly communicated to them in the media. It’s no surprise that most media outlets have rejected the biblical worldview that embraces the sanctity of human life. Still, it’s an important reminder that we are to stay vigilant.

It’s quite clear that these efforts are about controlling the narrative on abortion. Actions like these are meant to mislead people all around the world by redefining words to avoid the truth about abortion. 

We cannot assume that media sources are neutral when presenting the “facts.” We must all think critically about everything we are putting into our minds. Anything presented as truth should be measured against God’s word.

And Christians can be encouraged that as we renew our minds we will find discernment when we apply our culture’s idea of “truth” to God’s word.

Romans 12:2 says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

Stay alert, friends. Don’t be deceived by tactics meant to confuse and mislead.

Be wise. Be discerning. Be a truth-teller.


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