When CBS’s 60 Minutes first went on the air in 1968, the pioneering news program attracted a huge following with its “gotcha” journalistic style – complete with hidden cameras and ambush style interviews.

By its own admission, the program mellowed over the years, but that’s not to say it’s fair or balanced. With its significant resources and editorial control, the program still holds the cards – and like casinos, the house rarely (if ever) loses.

This advantage was on full display this past Sunday when 60 Minutes aired an interview with co-founders of “Moms for Liberty” – an organization founded in 2021 with a mission to “fight for the survival of America by unifying, educating and empowering parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government.”

With that bold and blunt of a mission, it’s no wonder the group has elicited strong, negative reaction from radical ideologues – including Scott Pelley of the CBS program. As it does with every segment, the show spent weeks and even months investigating and then interviewing representatives from the grassroots organization. Keep in mind, 60 Minutes is no “Larry King Live!” – the breezy hour-long show that allowed guests to communicate unfiltered and unedited.

Selective and prejudicial editing resulted in making it seem to the uninformed viewer that “Moms for Liberty” co-founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich were either evading or avoiding some of Scott Pelley’s questions. Yet a full transcript made clear that CBS conveniently left out key answers that laid bare that liberal lie.

At the heart of the interview was the whole crux of the organization’s mission – to expose the leftwing ideology, destructive propaganda and inappropriate resources being foisted on young children in public schools.

When Pelley asks what ideology schools are promoting, Descovich answers, “Let’s just say children in America cannot read.” Viewers then hear Pelley narrate, “They often dodged questions with talking points.”

What the average viewer wouldn’t know is that Tiffany Justice had previously told Pelley, “Gender ideology has no place in American public schools.” They wouldn’t know that because CBS left that on the cutting room floor.

Journalist and popular podcaster Megyn Kelly took to the airwaves yesterday to call out CBS and Pelley’s deceptiveness.

“I’m ashamed of you, Scott Pelley,” she said. “You are disgusting. You failed America’s children. I’m glad you feel so good about yourself, but my kids and anybody who has young ones in elementary school or middle school are going to pay the penalty for the – using your favorite word – ‘disinformation’ you put out on CBS News last night.”

Kelly continued:

You want to know what ideology they’re being indoctrinated into? They’re being indoctrinated into a race essentialism, where they believe that you have a different power structure, or different deficits heaped on you at birth based on skin color and sins of the past with which you have nothing to do.

They are being taught gender ideology that allows them to choose their sex like it’s a menu at a Chinese restaurant from the single digits. They are being sexualized when they are in elementary school, which is severely damaging to their mental health and primes them for victimhood and exploitation by grownups.

Some call it woke. Some call it diversity, equity, and inclusion. But it’s very easy to explain what these teachers are doing. We’ve all been living it for years now. These two women know it better than anybody. Tell America what they are doing.

Pelley went on to dismiss Justice and Descovich’s concerns that sexually explicit and mind-warping propaganda is being distributed to young children. The CBS reporter suggested it was happening – but that they found them only “in a few lower schools.”

Reality is otherwise.

“Scott, do a Google search,” Kelly urged. “Try reading The New York Post instead of just The New York Times, you might expand your horizons. It’s happening with race, it’s happening with gender, and it’s happening with inappropriate sexual content. All you must do is open your eyes and your ears. Get out of your stupid, myopic media circles for once and think about somebody else’s children.”

We won’t hold our breath – but we’re grateful for bold and commonsense minded journalists like Megyn Kelly who are calling out the lies of the radical left.


Image credit: The Megyn Kelly Show