In an interview with The Daily Citizen Monday evening, Mike Lindell, founder and inventor of MyPillow, stated that he is likely to run for the governor’s office in Minnesota during the 2022 gubernatorial election.

“Minnesota Governor, I’m 99%. It’s gonna be easy, I just say I’m running. Our governor is up for the worst governor in history.”

Lindell made the remarks at a rally in Dalton, GA hosted by President Trump the day before a crucial run-off election in the state that will determine the balance of power in the senate for the next two years.

Georgia has been the epicenter of the political universe since the elections on November 3rd, which resulted in accusations of widespread voter fraud. Officials in Georgia, including Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, have disputed such claims, stating, “Truth matters. And we’ve been fighting these rumors for the last two months.”

Responding to remarks made by Raffensperger that the GA election results as they stand are accurate, Lindell stated, “He’s the biggest liar. He should be put in prison for treason.”

Supporters of the president, like Lindell, have been rallying for states to investigate claims of voter fraud in hopes that the findings will result in substantial gains for the president.

For more on Lindell’s political aspirations, the election and what comes next, check out the video attached to this article.