In the midst of all the serious crises going on with our nation, bureaucrats in Washington have delivered the U.S.’s “first ever” “National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality.”

But the document, while highly aspirational, is a dramatic failure on multiple levels. The Daily Citizen read the entire official report and was struck by its stark weaknesses. No one expected it to promote conservative ideals on gender, but it fails miserably to advance even the most basic ideals of the new gender ideology this administration claims to champion with statements such as this:

“The full participation of people of all genders is critical to the functioning of democracies … across the globe.”

Let us start with the failure to define its most important terms.

Equality vs. Equity

The report employs the phrase “equity and equality” 36 times over its 40 pages, including in its title. But it never actually explains what these two seemingly similar words mean in distinction from one another. They certainly are not the same thing and the White House has been very clear about that in the past. Vice President Harris has explained that equality means allowing everyone the opportunity “to compete on equal footing” but “equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place” which is a pretty fair short-hand definition of communism. 

Instead, on page 9, the report uses a generous word-salad of high-minded phrases that fail as any kind of helpful definition for either word. It amounts to imprecise happy talk ending with the curious phrase that equality applies to “all people regardless of gender or any other factor.” [emphasis added] This is a nonsense statement as it reduces meaningful and established human differences like race, sex, religion, nationality, physical or mental capability to be equal to, literally … “any other factor.” A decent editor, not to mention any lawyer, should have flagged such a meaningless claim. But the report is full of such over-reaching statements.

Never Defines “Gender”

The document detailing its “National Strategy on Gender” also fails to define its central term. This is an egregious oversite.

The federal document employs the silly term “all genders” nine times. Any interested reader naturally asks how many genders there are and what are they? This so-called defining document doesn’t attempt to answer either question and for very good reason. That’s because it can’t. New genders are being made up with such speed and ease, even the smartest minds of the so-called LGBT community cannot keep it all straight.

For instance, the wholly-serious and “medically-reviewed” site Medical News Today explains that “Gender Outlaw,” “Polygender,” and “Omnigender” are wholly legitimate genders, and each must be equally respected. What are these, you ask?

Omnigender means “experience[ing] and possess[ing] all genders.” The gender outlaw “refuses to allow society’s definition of ‘male’ or ‘male’ to define them.” Polygenders “display parts of multiple genders.” Of course, these are not even real things. But serious people claim they are.

Would the authors include them under its “all genders” banners? We don’t know because it never explains what it means by “gender.” There are no medical or scientific references to what gender is and how many there are anywhere in the document. They just assume we are all on the same page on something that is changing faster than anyone can keep up with. This is an embarrassingly grave mistake for anything claiming to be a national strategy, even while the report “reflects a commitment to address gender broadly.” That problem is indeed its broadness.

Just Women and Girls?

However, it is extremely curious that a national strategy on equity for “all genders” is admittedly “deeply motivated by a commitment to women and girls.” And decisively so. The phrase “women and girls” appears 63 times in this 40 page document. Yet they never try to define what a woman is, which appears to be fundamentally necessary today by progressive standards.

There are only two specific mentions of “transgender women” in the whole document and zero of “transgender men,” which seems short-sighted after President Biden signed a major executive order on trans politics moments after his inauguration in January. Not one of the other supposed 58, 64, or 76 other genders we are told exist are even mentioned throughout its pages.

So while promoted as a truly progressive and ground-breaking “National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality,” this report fails utterly by focusing on only one of the supposed many genders. And of course, there is nothing wrong with this. Treating women fairly and respectfully is a fundamental Christian and human virtue. The problem is found in the fact that the document not only fails to reflect the administration’s own progressive rhetoric on gender, it elevates one gender over all the others that supposedly make up the rainbow.  

Consider a “National Strategy on Racial Equity and Equality” that only substantively references one race and expands on no others can only be deemed a national failure. In fact, it would be called racist for good reason. And this document does the same as it fails to reflect its creator’s own aspirational rhetoric on the topic of gender.

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