Nazi medical experiments and practices were some of the most horrific thought up by man and were created with the sole intention of killing the patient. After the war, all were rightly condemned, but, sadly, similarly styled studies are being conducted at the University of California San Francisco Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health under the umbrella of “abortion research.”

Founded in 1999, the center websites states that it “advances reproductive health policy and practice worldwide through research, training and advocacy.” It also claims that its “research has changed policy, clinic care and laws for the better.”

But in the process, the Center has also bypassed the most basic of medical ethics.

As reported by Pro-Life San Francisco in a recent short documentary about UCSF and the Center, it is the “most politically involved medical institution on the issue of abortion worldwide and has engaged in well-documented, high-profile fetal tissue experiments for decades.”

One of those experiments, which The Daily Citizen was one of the few to report on, is perhaps one of the most disturbing I’ve ever read outside a history book. It involves performing human experimentation on preborn babies and seeing if using poison to kill the preborn baby before the abortion speeds up the process.

According to the study, 178 women and their babies were subjected to the horrific experiment, which was divided up into two parts: those that received the digitoxin (88), the poison, and those that were given a saline or placebo injection (90). The average age of the preborn babies was 21.1 weeks, which meant about half could have survived outside the womb.

In the end, all the babies died either by poison or through the abortion.

In the minds of these so-called researchers, these babies were going to die anyway so why not use their deaths to further medical research?

It’s the same thought process that the Nazi scientists and medical doctors used.

In the book, The Nazi Doctors and the Nuremberg Code: Human Rights in Human Experimentation, one of the most common defenses of these so-called physicians is that they only used prisoners scheduled to die. “One of the key rationales of those put on trial was that only the people who were doomed to die were used in medical research. Time and time again, the doctors who froze screaming subjects to death, watched their brains explode as a result of rapid decompression, or examined the most efficacious agents for euthanasia stated that only prisoners condemned to death were used.”

That’s why, one of the outcomes of the Nuremberg trials of Nazi physicians was the Nuremberg Code of medical ethics. This Bixby-designed experiment breaks all ten, including #5, which is, “No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disability injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.”

No physician would be willing to undergo a procedure where death was the only outcome, nor would any study like this be approved in any other circumstance, but they subjected these preborn babies to a horrifically agonizing death with either poison or abortion just to satisfy their own morbid desire to see if they could kill a defenseless preborn faster.

As hundreds of thousands across the country protest the death of George Floyd, why does an experiment like this not spark an equally outrageous reaction? These babies were undeniably human, and some could have survived outside the womb. As a society, I would hope that we would consider this unethical and disgraceful, but there will be no mass protest or 24/7 media coverage to express outrage and grief over the lives of the 178 babies lost to government-sanctioned human experimentation.

When a society begins to devalue life, especially the life of a helpless and developing preborn baby, then anything becomes possible. The mass euthanasia of the mentally challenged by the Nazis began not with the elderly but with a five-month baby boy named Gerhard Kretschmar, whose own parents called him a “monster” due to his disabilities.

If all life is valued, then situations like this horrifically barbaric experiment and the deeply tragic death of George Floyd and Gerhard would not happen. A pro-life culture fosters a nation where men, women and children are all considered precious individuals worthy of life, regardless of race, sex, disability or any other condition.

That’s something we can all hope and pray for in the future.