Usually, the formation of a new organization over in the gender revolution world is not particularly notable or even interesting. They pop up regularly. But a new one that just launched in the U.K. is worth our attention, and it has everything to do with why it was founded.

The Lesbian Project” was founded by some very influential women, most notably tennis legend Martina Navratilova. But what makes this group interesting is their founding principles, particularly their #1 value: “We focus on same-sex attracted females.”

This may seem like a “Duh!” statement, but only if you don’t know about the vicious division currently taking place in the so-called “LGBTQ community.”  This next line illustrates the point of contention: “By definition, only females can be lesbians, in virtue of their biological sex.”

These ladies said it out loud. And they are simply following the lead of a similar U.K.- founded organization: The LGB Alliance. Both are a forceful reaction from some letters of the alphabet soup against the T and Q.

Why are the lesbians speaking out? Because they strongly reject trans ideology.

You see, if a guy can become a “female athlete” by saying he is, then he can also become a “lesbian.” And lesbians are just as upset about men coming into their women-only spaces as high school and college women are in their locker rooms and competitive arenas.

In a substantive report released by The Lesbian Project entitled “Lesbian Erasure in the UK” the group explains where this erasure is coming from. It’s not coming from traditionalists or conservatives, but from the most progressive of the progressives. It’s coming from the Ts and the Qs. That’s right. The founders of The Lesbian Project explain,

According to the new and approved transactivist doctrine, being a lesbian is not officially connected to facts about biological sex, nor the sex to which you are attracted. Rather, it’s believed that being a lesbian is an identity also open to males who identify as women and are attracted to those who identify as women.

And most lesbians are not keen on getting trolled by men in dresses. But they are being forced into going along with the charade just as female athletes are. This fact is demonstrated in the very definition of what a lesbian bar is by the more “inclusive” Lesbian Bar Project. See if their definition, clearly stated on their website, jives with what you understand a lesbian bar is.

The Lesbian Bar Project believes what makes a bar uniquely Lesbian is its prioritization of creating space for people of marginalized genders including women (regardless if they are cis or trans), non-binary folks, and trans men. As these spaces aim to be inclusive of all individuals across the diverse LGBTQIA+ community, the label Lesbian belongs to all people who feel that it empowers them (emphasis added).

You can see how these two lesbian projects are very much at odds with each other. Imagine Black Lives Matters saying Black “belongs to all people who feel it empowers them.”

But be sure of this. Lesbians who insist on the objectivity of real, biological womanhood are pariahs in their own community. That is why the U.K. lesbians have started this new effort.

They believe objective womanhood is worth fighting for.

But their concern is not just about “lesbian erasure” from the Ts and the Qs. Even though they are represented by the first letter in their alphabet train, the Ls know they have long been relegated to the back of the bus by gay patriarchy.

Yes, that’s a thing.

In fact, this new Project holds that the #1 fact driving “lesbian erasure” is “As the LGBT+ rainbow expands, lesbians have fallen to the back of the queue.” This movement wants us to believe all the letters are equal, but most lesbians will easily admit that the Gs are much more equal than the Ls. They are dominant.

In fact, this group proudly announced, “The Lesbian Project is seeking an amicable divorce from our gay brothers” and doing so “will put us back on the map” within our own community.

And such work is not at all warmly welcomed in the so-called “LGBTQ community.” On the page listing the Project’s Advisory Group members, these ladies have placed this note, “The Lesbian Project also has several advisory group members who prefer to retain anonymity at this time.”

These women are concerned about being publicly demeaned, doxxed, canceled, and physically attacked.

But it is certainly not social conservatives these members are trying to protect themselves from. Those represented by the T, the Q, and the G are upset with these ladies because they won’t just go along with what the men want. That’s exactly why they started this new movement. To fight GTQ patriarchy.

It is certainly not all kumbaya under the rainbow flag, and The Lesbian Project wants us to know why.