All eyes are on Ohio this election cycle as voters are asked to consider whether they want to enshrine abortion “rights” in their state constitution. 


Ohio isn’t the first state to consider constitutionalizing abortion policy since the reversal of Roe v. Wade; in fact, that’s precisely why they have garnered so much attention now. 


Following Roe’s reversal, the abortion industry started a campaign to pass as many “mini-Roes” as possible — amendments to create so-called abortion rights through state constitutions. 


The abortion lobby has a 100% success record passing these ballot measures.


Last fall, they convinced voters in Michigan, California, and Vermont to pass constitutional amendments securing abortion access through state constitutions. 


The abortion industry has also stopped pro-life ballot measures from being approved in every state that has run one since Roe’s reversal, including in Kansas, Kentucky, and Montana. 


Abortion activists believe Ohio is next in a long line of wins at the ballot box on abortion measures.


And, unfortunately, if they are successful this fall, the abortion lobby is poised and ready to unleash their strategy in at least six pro-life states by next year’s presidential election, including Florida, Nebraska, Arkansas, Arizona, Missouri, and South Dakota. 


Money appears to be no object for the abortion industry. Last year in Michigan, they raised nearly $48 million compared to the pro-life movement’s $21 million. 


This year, the abortion lobby has already committed to spending a minimum of $35 million in Ohio to constitutionalize abortion. 


According to Ballotpedia, as of the latest campaign finance report submitted in early September, the abortion lobby has received nearly $11 million to support the Ohio abortion amendment, while pro-life organizations have raised $16.5 million. Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America has been the single largest contributor of pro-life organizations, giving $12.2 million to the Ohio efforts. The next round of campaign finance reports are due October 26th, and those numbers are expected to be much higher.


Focus on the Family urges all our pro-life friends in Ohio to protect life and defend parental rights by voting no on Issue 1 — the Ohio abortion amendment.


Issue 1 is an extreme ballot measure that would make late-term abortion a constitutional “right” in Ohio and threaten parental rights.


Under current law, abortion is legal in Ohio until a pre-born baby is 22 weeks old.


If approved, the amendment would legalize abortion in Ohio throughout all stages of a woman’s pregnancy, including late-term abortion, and enshrine abortion as a “right” in the state’s constitution.


Issue 1 would also destroy parental rights by allowing minors to receive abortions and transgender medical interventions without parental notification.


Pro-life voters must turn out the vote in Ohio if they want to defeat Issue 1 — and they must vote early. Every day a committed pro-life voter doesn’t vote costs the pro-life movement money through additional mailers, text messages, and other outreach efforts. 


Help pro-life organizations maximize their resources by voting early so they can commit their limited funds to reaching voters who are still undecided on this issue. 


Ohioans, the polls are open! Go vote today! 


Vote to protect preborn babies. 


Vote to protect mothers from the tragedy of abortions. 


Vote to defend parental rights.


If you live in another state but know pro-life voters in Ohio, urge them to vote as soon as possible and to vote no on Issue. 1. 


State constitutional law will be decided by the voters who show up and vote. 


Let’s ensure we all do our part to turn out a record number of pro-life voters in Ohio.


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