Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has declared June 2024 the “Month for Life” to promote and recognize the dignity of every human life – from the moment of conception.

The announcement comes on the second anniversary of the month the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, returning the issues of abortion back to the states and the people’s elected representatives.

“Oklahoma recognizes life at conception – and we’re fighting for a future where the unborn are respected and protected,” Gov. Stitt said in a post on X. “Every life is precious and deserves dignity.”

According to the official proclamation, the Month for Life “provides an opportunity for Oklahomans to foster a culture of life and build a future where the unborn are respected and protected from conception.”

It highlights the Oklahoma March for Life as “an opportunity for citizens to join together in solidarity with the broader March for Life movement, advocating for the protection of life and the promotion of a culture that values and respects every human being.”

The Oklahoma March for Life is set to be held on June 8, 2024, and is being hosted by the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. It starts at 10 AM at the Oklahoma City National Memorial in Oklahoma City, OK, and proceeds to the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Oklahoma is one of the most pro-life states in the nation. Abortion is illegal in the Sooner State thanks to a 1910 law that prohibits the procedure.

The number of abortions in the state has dropped to zero following the Supreme Court’s 2022 Dobbs decision.

Oklahoma is just one example of how pro-life laws are working to protect babies and their mothers from the consequences of abortion.

It’s an oft-repeated refrain among Christians and conservatives that politics flows downstream from culture. The late evangelist Chuck Colson observed this reality. In other words, the ideas and beliefs simmering in our culture eventually cross over into the political realm and influence the law and public policy.

And yet, it’s also true that culture flows downstream from politics. The law is a great teacher; what is generally permitted under the law is often seen as moral and permissible by individuals in the culture.

So, politics and culture both influence each other. When laws – like Oklahoma’s – prohibit abortion, real lives are saved, and mothers are influenced to choose life for their preborn babies. This is why Christian engagement in the political realm is so important. Politics has great and generational consequences – for good or for evil.

Thankfully, Gov. Stitt and legislators in Oklahoma have used their political influence to help shape and foster a culture of life. They deserve great credit for doing so.

To influence culture, Focus on the Family is hosting SeeLife 2024, available in-person and online, which will feature many well-known pro-life advocates, including Focus on the Family President Jim Daly, NFL superstar and life advocates Benjamin and Kirsten Watson, three-time Grammy Nominee and American Idol semi-finalist Danny Gokey, and President of Embrace Grace Amy Ford. Gokey will perform a live concert at the event.

You can learn more about SeeLife 2024.

To learn how to defend life, consider purchasing author Randy Alcorn’s book Prolife Answers to Prochoice Arguments; you can also read Scott Klusendorf’s book The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture.

If you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and want to learn more about your options, visit My Choice Network.

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