During a recent Democrats for Life event, former Planned Parenthood manager Mayra Rodriguez, who won a wrongful termination lawsuit against the abortion business, stated that her previous status as an undocumented immigrant was used to lure other women into having abortions.

It’s another sign that the legacy of eugenics and Margaret Sanger continues to live on, despite Planned Parenthood president’s recent attempt to cancel the organization’s historic and problematic founder.

Mayra Rodriguez, whom The Daily Citizen interviewed in 2019, was let go from the abortion business after she tried to raise concerns about patient health. For example, the abortionist would fail to properly chart patient information and did not consistently gather state required affidavits.

Not only were her concerns ignored, according to Rodriguez, but she was also accused of possessing narcotics and eventually terminated. She sued the abortion business for wrongful termination and won, but, as it turns out, that wasn’t all.

“For 16 years, I devoted my life to Planned Parenthood,” Rodriguez said at the Democrats for Life annual conference in Ohio. “As an undocumented immigrant, Planned Parenthood opened the doors to the American dream. … They hired me knowing I was undocumented.”

As an organization, Planned Parenthood has dedicated itself to helping undocumented immigrants “know their rights” and that “everyone deserves access to quality health care.”

But this support has a dark side.

Rodriguez explains that Planned Parenthood preyed on the naïveté of the “undocumented immigrant community” that  knows “nothing about Planned Parenthood, just like I didn’t.”

Rodriguez said that the abortion business tells “immigrants that they’re welcome there: ‘we won’t deport you, we won’t call ICE on you. But if you carry your baby and go to the hospital and you live, for example, in Arizona or Ohio or other states where they have very strict anti-undocumented people laws, you may get deported.’”

For women who are struggling to make ends meet and concerned about staying in the country, this fear tactic would be incredibly persuasive.

“So when you have that, what do women think?” she asked. “‘Oh, I cannot have a child because I might get deported, and I could get separated from my other three kids.’ … As an immigrant, I can tell you it is the worst feeling ever to know that you may have to leave this country.”

If Rodriguez’s allegations are correct, it sounds like Planned Parenthood is continuing Margaret Sanger’s eugenic legacy, which encouraged selective reproduction of humans to avoid the birth of those considered “undesirables.” This resulted in abuses in the United States and throughout the world, including the forced sterilization and the mass institutionalization of those with physical and mental disabilities or other people considered undesirables. Oftentimes, eugenics also targeted certain racial groups as well.

It’s a legacy that Planned Parenthood has allegedly tried to address, with president Alexis McGill Johnson recently writing a New York Times op-ed entitled, “I’m the head of Planned Parenthood. We’re done making excuses for our founder.”

But are they?

Telling undocumented immigrants that an abortion can protect them from deportation is not “helping women,” but a eugenic practice that targets a racial minority in an effort to limit their numbers and reproductive potential.

As part of her remarks, Rodriguez also said, “I noticed all the atrocities. I noticed the irregularities. I noticed the malpractice. I noticed all the stuff the abortionists at Planned Parenthood hide from people. And I complained about it. That got me fired.”

Planned Parenthood is a callous business, which treats patients’ health and welfare as secondary to their checkbooks.

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