Dr. Leana Wen, who begins her tenure next week as the new president of Planned Parenthood, will be the first physician to run the organization in over 50 years. Her surprise appointment is meant as a sign that the abortion business wants to move away from politics and refocus on healthcare.

The problem is that Planned Parenthood no longer provides much healthcare.

Planned Parenthood proponents regularly tout the comprehensive medical services the organization supposedly offers women, many of whom live in low-income communities. But the reality of what’s happening at individual clinics is very different.

Over the last two decades, Planned Parenthood has shown that it is willing to sacrifice real healthcare for the women they claim to serve in an effort to continue providing abortions. Their own annual reports tell the story.

Since 1991, there has been a 62% decrease in cancer preventions and screenings. The decrease is curious because it includes the time period when Planned Parenthood introduced breast exams, which should have caused the number of cancer screenings to increase over time as they saw more patients. But that’s not the case.

Although the organization reportedly saw more than 1.1 million women when breast exams first became available in 1998, by 2016 the number had declined to 336,614. That’s a 70% decrease. (Planned Parenthood only offers breast exams, they have never provided mammograms.)

For pap smears, the situation is even worse. In 1991, the abortion business saw 1.65 million women for pap smears, a test that is considered a routine part of reproductive healthcare and cancer prevention for women. However, in 2016 that number had dropped by 83% to 281,063.

Why would an organization supposedly committed to providing basic health care for women drastically reduce basic cancer detection services?

What does Planned Parenthood actually do?

The organization’s report tells the story.

More than 50% of the services offered focus on only two areas – abortion and STD testing and services.

When it comes to those priorities, Planned Parenthood has seen triple digit increases over the last 25 years.

All of this from a group that proudly claims the title of being the largest sex educator in this country.

Yet, for all their “educating,” STD rates have climbed to historic highs. We’ve even seen the resurgence of diseases that were almost eradicated, like syphilis.

The same goes for abortions. Where Planned Parenthood once embraced President Clinton’s call to make abortion “safe, legal and rare,” it now promotes the gruesome and grisly act as normal and part of standard healthcare.

Although the annual number of abortions across the country has decreased significantly over the last 25 years, that’s not the case at Planned Parenthood. In fact, year after year, the number of abortions performed continues to increase, and now one-third of all abortions in the U.S are performed by the organization founded by the eugenicist Margaret Sanger.

Planned Parenthood did have an opportunity to change the direction of their organization after the 2016 presidential election. In the autobiography of Planned Parenthood’s former president Cecile Richards, Make Trouble, she dramatically describes an offer from first daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, senior White House advisor Jared Kushner: Stop providing abortions, and Planned Parenthood would receive more federal funding for other healthcare needs.

Trump and Kushner were basically asking Planned Parenthood to put its money where its mouth is and focus on providing healthcare to women, men and children in low income communities. Ms. Richards refused the offer. Why? Because they really don’t want to make “healthcare” services a central part of their organization.

The appointment of Dr. Wen likely won’t change the direction of this century-old genocidal organization, although her credentials as an emergency room physician may serve as a temporary distraction as media continue to champion their cause. It’s more likely that for the foreseeable future, the declining healthcare services at Planned Parenthood will diminish only further as the organization continues to pour all its focus into abortion and the politics surrounding it.