Are you grudgingly using Amazon but weary of the company’s woke sympathies and services?

PublicSq., a rising online retail platform that pledges to operate by “pro-America” values for “freedom loving Americans” might just be for you.

Michael Seifert, the company’s founder and CEO, recently stated:

“For too long, progressive corporations have prioritized highly politicized ideas over the interests and values of the American people. Because of this, we, as patriotic Americans, are hungering for a future where the power is back in the hands of ‘We the People’ and a parallel economy is created. With the PublicSq. platform, we are grateful to provide a solution that helps every day, freedom-loving Americans spend their hard-earned money with businesses that prioritize the values that have made this nation so special in the first place.”

Refreshing, isn’t it?

In order for companies to qualify for inclusion on the site, they promise to respect traditional American values and won’t “spend time, money, or resources antagonistically against those values.”

The site boasts over one million users and 55,000 businesses on its platform. There’s no charge to join. PublicSq. is now also producing some of its own products if and where they’re unable to find a vendor willing to commit to their anti-woke commitment.

“Everylife” is Public Sq.’s own brand of diapers and wet wipes, which they’re billing as the country’s first pro-life diaper company. On the one-year anniversary of Roe’s reversal, Seifert announced the company would be paying a $5000 bonus to any employee who had a baby or adopted a child.

On Thursday, the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange. At press time, shares are trading at $10.38 a share. The ticker symbol is PSQH.

Shoppers on PublicSq. can choose from a wide array of products and services, everything from apparel to food and even automotives services.

Once upon a time, few of us gave a company’s politics or social agendas much thought. We shopped price and service reputation. That’s changed in recent years, with many corporations and businesses eagerly and even enthusiastically championing dangerously radical groups and agendas that undermine everything that many of us stand for.

Widespread wokeness, though, has exhausted many principled shoppers who feel at a loss for alternatives. Public Sq. promises to tap into that sentiment.

People may be surprised to learn the company has actually been around since October of 2021, but its growth and promotion have picked up in earnest since it merged with the company Columbier Acquisition Corp. late last year.  In addition to CEO Michael Seifert, the company’s board includes former Senate candidate Blake Master, entrepreneur Nick Ayers, and Omeed Malik, who is CEO of Farvahar Partners.

At Thursday morning’s opening of the New York Stock Exchange, which featured Seifert and his team ringing the ceremonial bell, chants of “USA! USA!” broke out in the famed hall on Broad Street

Time will tell whether consumers will continue to flock to the fledgling site, but it’s a welcome development to see so many companies and consumers saying “Enough is enough” when it comes to the tired and woke propaganda being peddled as mainstream.