Pro-life supporters can never compromise on the issue of life.

We affirm the scientific reality that life begins in the womb at the moment of conception. That is not a theological assumption. It is not a truth that Christians must use Scripture or church teaching to affirm. It’s a scientific fact.

Every innocent human life is infinitely valuable and worthy of protection – from conception to natural death.

That’s why, when pro-life supporters read about politicians or political parties who want to cut a permanent compromise on laws to appease both pro-life and pro-choice sides, we must refuse.

This isn’t to say that we reject pro-life legislation that takes an incremental approach. Protecting babies at 20 weeks is better than not at all. The same is true for laws that protect babies at 15, 10 or 6 weeks.

If a law saves the lives of preborn babies, we’ll take it.

But our objective must remain the same: the prohibition of all abortions and the protection of all innocent human life from the moment of conception.

Randy Alcorn astutely points out in his book Pro-life Answers to Pro-choice Arguments, “If the prolife position is correct, the 3,753 abortions occurring every day represent 3,753 human casualties” (emphasis in original).

He adds,

Though none of these deaths is reported on the evening news (though the same unborn child killed by a bullet would be), each aborted child is just as real and just as valuable as older children. If these unborn are really babies, then America has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world.

If [the pro-life position] is right, then innocent human lives depend on our ability and willingness at every opportunity to persuade others of the truth about the value, dignity, and rights of unborn children.

For this reason, we cannot compromise on the issue of life. Pro-life supporters won’t stop until all babies are protected from the moral scourge of abortion.

If the lives of innocent human babies are at stake – and they are – how could we?

Focus on the Family has been working to turn the cultural tide and save mothers and babies from abortion for years. Since beginning the Option Ultrasound Program in 2004, Focus has helped save nearly half a million lives.

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