One Colorado mom knows first-hand how “trans” activists targeted her impressionable pre-teen daughter with sexually abusive ideology. Now, she wants to help other parents protect their children by alerting them to red flags that could open the door to this radical ideology in their own child’s life.

Erin Lee is a mother from northern Colorado, and in 2021, activists in the trans community targeted her 12-year-old daughter.

In an exclusive interview, Erin told the Daily Citizen that her daughter was invited to attend what was being called an art club meeting at school. But it was actually a gender and sexuality awareness club.

At the meeting, adults told her daughter that if she wasn’t entirely comfortable in her biological sex, she was trans. Activists informed her she was queer if she wasn’t sure who she was sexually attracted to, and they advised the kids that it was ok to lie to her parents about the meeting.

Erin and her husband, Jon, immediately pulled their daughter out of the school and began to fight back against the school system that, according to Erin, “had a deep agenda to transition children behind parents’ backs.”

Looking back, Erin says there are signs that she missed, things that she wishes she had paid more attention to so she could have protected her daughter.

First, she says, “This agenda targets the most vulnerable girls — 11 to 14 years old is typically the target because they’re starting puberty. No 12-year-old girl is comfortable in her body.”

Trans activists will use the natural discomfort of puberty to sow seeds of deceit in the hearts and minds of young girls. They are, essentially, encouraging these girls to hate their natural bodies.

Next, Erin says there are common themes that she has discovered while talking with other parents of children who have been victimized by trans ideology. Here are some potential red flags for parents to monitor closely:

  • Artistic interests
  • Interest in anime
  • Participating in video game chats
  • Unrestricted use of a smartphone
  • Unmonitored access to the internet
  • Reading Warrior Cat
  • Reading Wings of Fire
  • Any anthropomorphic art — which is animals with human-like qualities

Erin adamantly contends, “If your kids are reading these books or playing video games like this, they’re absolutely being targeted by this agenda.”

Elaborating further on anthropomorphic stories, Erin cautions, “There are some really subtle themes of same-sex relationships or changing your sex that happens in those stories.”

She adds, “The furry movement is real. People identifying as animals is very closely tied to the trans movement.”

She also strongly urges parents not to give kids unfettered access to the internet. For example, unrestricted access to the internet and social media, opens the door to trans activists who are essentially brainwashing kids into their LGBT agenda through their online platforms.

Kids are also being targeted by trans activists through video game chats. In Erin’s family’s experience, trans conversations were on happening as part of an online game chat. Nintendo Switch is now the only video console they let their kids play because it doesn’t connect to the internet.

Erin says she regrets giving her young daughter a smartphone and letting her have access to video game chats. “Those are not safe places for children.”

Finally, Erin cautions parents, “This ideology has absolutely infiltrated all schools.”

She urges parents to keep their kids out of government schools.

In public schools, the adults are the ones indoctrinating children with this ideology, telling them to keep secrets from their parents and teaching them about sexuality before they’re ready to learn about it.

Even if your kids don’t attend a government school, you must remain vigilant because trans ideology is all around us.

They’re planting seeds. And that’s something I tell parents all the time, that not every family is going to be punched in the face with gender ideology.

Erin urges parents,

We unfortunately have to have conversations about this ideology early and often with our kids. And don’t put them in situations where they can be taken advantage of by people who are pushing this agenda.

Check out our full interview with Erin below:

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